An astrology report is a great first step to better understand yourself


Pam offers a selection of excellent Astrology Western reports for sale.

Choose one as an ideal gift - they're easy to read for non astrologers.

Pam has chosen these reports with care. She respects the work of the authors and wholeheartedly recommends them as an adjunct to a personal consultation.

Give yourself a gift you will treasure for ever, it's a great first step to better understand yourself.

They also make ideal presents for a friend who has everything!

"Millions of people read their horoscope in the paper each day, but only a tiny fraction ever experience an in-person reading of their whole chart.

Computerised reports are better ambassadors for real astrology than you might first suspect. I printed samples for friends and read them the descriptions and they were stunned. Some serious work has gone into writing these delineations that are detailed and helpful.

These professional level reports are not "for entertainment purposes only. They are serious attempts to give useful astrological information to people who are ready to get beyond Sun sign astrology. They are a valuable bridge to an in-person reading." Mark McDonough


Solar Writer Natal Report

This is an ideal gift as it’s beautifully illustrated with a birth chart wheel. This report written by Stephanie Johnson achieves an integrated feel by writing more expansively on fewer factors. The report’s author has a background in traditional and esoteric astrology so the report focuses more on what you are than why you act as you do. The only astrological terms used in the text are the names ofFind out more


Karmic Insight Report

Your Soul’s Intentions The Karmic Insight report provides an in-depth look into the soul’s intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime. Gina Ronco interprets the past life reverberations shown in the natal chart. The report clarifies lessons and goals recreated from the past for resolution in this life. This succinct report concentrates on the planets that are most involved with karmic lessons: The Moon carries unresolved past-life issuesFind out more


Sky Within Archetype Report

Archetype Report: Your Ten Teachers Steven Forrest writes with poetic grandeur about the archetypes behind the planets, signs and house in your birth chart. Freud divided the human mind into three compartments: ego, id, and superego. Astrologers do the same thing, except that our model of the mind differs from Freud’s in two fundamental ways. First, it’s a lot more elaborate. Instead of three compartments, we have ten: Sun, Moon,Find out more


‘Sky Log’ 6 Month Forecast

Astrology Forecast for the next 6 months by Steven Forrest This stunning astrology forecast report describes how best to handle the transits and progressions for the next 6 months. It ‘s written in a style that’s easy to understand for non-astrologers. It’s just £15 for 50 plus pages! I agree with the author of this report when he says “The future isn’t crystallized. It’s a wavering, quivering web of possibilities”.Find out more


Your Vocation Report

One of the most important things in our lives is to find our Vocation- the work we were born to do. When we are fulfilled we are happy and are living our purpose. Its really useful to know about the reason you were born, the destiny that you came to fulfill. One incredibly useful tool that offers specific guidance is your astrology birth chart. However it’s a complex subject andFind out more


The Money Report

This unique and original Money Report highlights the riches inherent in your Birth Chart. It has often been said that money does not bring happiness. It can ease some hardships, but on its own money does not make a person happy. Neither does money make a person feel rich. One person can feel wealthy with very little money, while another feels poor with a great deal. Money worries do notFind out more


Relationship Report

Relationships are the source of our greatest joys and greatest woes. They are so complex and mysterious. It is very difficult for us to see them objectively from the inside. This compatibility report tells you what expectations and styles of relating you bring to all your relationships. These habits are so familiar that we have a hard time understanding our biases. The heart of most compatibility reports is the sectionFind out more


Kindred Spirit and Soulmate Report

Are you looking for love? Do you want to know and understand what your soul desires for you in relationships? This beautiful insightful Soulmate Report offers in-depth information about you and what your soul needs from your relationships. This report encourages you to reflect on what it means for you to love- to be a brother, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a partner and a lover. Love consists inFind out more


Vedic Relationship Report

Do you want to know the long term prospects of your romantic relationship? What are the pitfalls to look out for? This unique report talks about how much respect, mutual attraction and purpose two people have. It determines if people have a good foundation together. It covers areas such as Respect, Wavelength, Obstacles, Misfortune and Assertive Pressure. If the five important measurements are all good, then the foundation is solid.Find out more


Goddess Report

The mystery and power of 12 Goddesses For the first time these 12 goddesses are revealed in this 45-page ground-breaking Goddess report helping you to discover your true potential. Never before have these archetypes been explored in the astrological birth chart! There are only 3 feminine planets- the Moon and Venus and now Ceres – and as every woman knows we are far more complex than that! You can readFind out more


Angel Astrology Report

This Angel Astrology Report focuses on Neptune and your connection with your Angels. The mysteries of the Angelic realms unfold in this beautifully written and illustrated 20 page astrology report. This Angelic report has been written by Astrologer Stephanie Clement with an emphasis on Neptune in the chart. It is uplifting and very supportive in these testing times. Now that Neptune and Chiron are both in the sign of Pisces,Find out more

Chiron and asteroids report

Chiron and The Asteroid Goddesses Astrology Report

Chiron and the Goddesses fill out the birth chart exploring aspects of spirituality and empowerment in the realm of the feminine Would you like to know more about your capacity to nurture, marital relationships, problem solving skills, sexuality and healing power? This new Asteroid Report by Viniita Hutchinson gives interpretations of the four major asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas Athena) and Chiron, which can shed light on these importantFind out more


Child Astrology Report

What is the main job of a parent? Introducing your children to their talents and helping them to overcome their challenging character traits. Astrology is a great system for uncovering a person’s highest potentials and self-sabotaging difficulties. A Child astrology birth chart report is a boon to new parents! You get the inner perspective to steer a child in the direction that works best for her or him. It’s aFind out more


Your Spiritual Path

This Spiritual Path report tells you about past life lessons that are brought forward into this life. Our spiritual character and needs are defined at birth. Yet from that same moment, forces around us begin to exert sometimes overwhelming influences on the direction of our spiritual development. Though well intended, these forces may move us along a path contrary to our own best interests. This conflict between your inner spiritualFind out more

flower essence centaury

Flower Essence and Gem Report

This beautifully written Flower Essence and Gem report by Gina Ronco offers very unique alternatives to traditional medicine. She analyses patterns of imbalance found in the natal chart. The report includes ill-health tendencies of the person and provides specific tools which can improve health of the entire being by offering suggestions for the emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Flower essences, gems, music, aroma therapy and colour therapy are among theFind out more