Uranus and the Birth Process

Living in Times of Trauma and Loss

In order to understand why we are going through what appears to be a time of intense trauma and loss,  the planet Uranus and the sign Aquarius can provide is with some answers.  Donna Cunningham suggests that the planet Uranus is akin to the birth process and its glyph in stylized form shows the infant passing through the birth canal. The cross symbolises the earth and  the circle the spirit.  One semi circle is the Soul of the individual and the other is the Soul of mankind.

Alan Oken calls it ‘‘The Awakener of Life’ and as it now transits through Aries we are all being asked to take a massive leap forward into a rebirth, that is exciting and pioneering.

Uranus rules both separations and independence.

Birth is a huge process whereby the individual is forcibly expelled from a safe, but confining environment, to one which is insecure and unknown but which offers greater freedom.

Throughout life, particularly under Uranus transits, we go through many births where we leave security and safety behind in order to try something new.

We experience fear and insecurity at each of these separations, yet once we master the demands of the new situation, we function more strongly and powerfully than ever.

Birth is a necessary trauma

If the baby remains too long in the womb, it will die; and if we stay too long in the secure but stagnant environment, we stop growing also. The thing that once nurtured us we wind up throwing away as the umbilical chord is useless ten minutes after birth.

Did you know that a baby chooses when to be born?

“Doctors at Oxford University have determined that a baby’s brain triggers off a hormone called cortisel which sets the labour contractions in motion. According to research on hundreds of hypnotized subjects from all walks of life, psychologist Helen Wambach determined we do have consciousness in the interval before we come into this life. We choose when to come, what parents we will be born to, and what conditions will give us the most growth. (If you are skeptical but open-minded, read her book. Life before Life, published by Bantam in 1979.)”

We Choose Our Horoscope

I believe that we select our horoscopes before birth in order to find the conditions which will allow us to work on the issues we most need to resolve. This is the path of our spiritual evolution. In most cases, we do not remember the reasons for these choices or anything that went on in the time before this life began.

Why choose to be born now when it’s such a difficult time?

Because it does give us a chance to grow into greater independence and consciousness. The personal family (Cancer) is being broken down in order to promote the family of man (Aquarius), so that we can learn to cherish and nurture each other without the need for ties of blood. We have the freedom to move about without being chained to home and the past, and we can go wherever the opportunity for growth is greatest.

This is the essence of brotherhood, the community which will support us through these testing times.

What’s the connection between Cancer/Moon and Aquarius/Uranus and transformation?

The Moon and Uranus plus the signs Cancer and Aquarius are powerfully con­nected, Aquarius acting on Cancer in such a way as to transform it. This is seen if Cancer is rising then Aquarius falls on the house of birth, rebirth, death, and transformation. (ie. Aquarius is 8 signs away from Cancer.)

Are you part of the Uranus in Cancer generation, born in 1948-1956?

If so then you may hold the keys to the transition, since you have struggled internally with the Cancer-Aquarius split since birth. You can find solutions for combining personal needs with the universal, seeing the good for the masses without losing sight of the need to nurture the individual.

The Birth Process

Labour contractions are like the glyph of Aquarius (it looks like waves). It’s these contractions which bring the baby to the world of light, to consciousness. Birth is a traumatic separation, and most separations are traumatic at the moment of impact, yet all lead to greater individuation and awareness.

As Donna Cunningham wrote back in 1982 “At this point in history, when we are being separated from so many wombs at once, all we feel is the trauma, not the growth that will come from it ultimately.

We are in a long, slow birth process and it is hard to believe it will ever stop or that any good will come out of it. Yet, on the other side of the birth canal, we will be free.”

Excerpt and edited from Donna Cunningham ‘Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World’ available from Amazon at a discounted price.

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