Shock at the Full Moon in Libra April 19th 2019

Uranus shock at the full moon in Libra

High Level Stress as the Sun joins Uranus at the Full Moon in Libra If you have any planet at the last degree of any sign in your birth chart it’s now receiving a major jolt of energy. This could be highly stressful, so please be patient. It too shall pass. Once the Sun moves past Uranus on

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Aries New Moon New Beginnings and Healing

Aries new moon symbol the ram

New Moon in Aries-The Pioneer Wherever Aries is in your birth chart is now receiving a major turbo boost of energy. What is Sun in Aries activating for you? Its the first sign of the zodiac in the element of fire, so its the perfect time of the year to initiate something new. To be a pioneer. The

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