Child Astrology Report

child reportWhat is the main job of a parent?

Introducing your children to their talents and helping them to overcome their challenging character traits. A Child astrology birth chart report is a boon to new parents!

You get the inner perspective to steer a child in the direction that works best for her or him.

It’s a wonderful gift for parents of newborns who are longing for clues to understand the new person in their life. Some adults even order the report for themselves. It is amazing how much of your childhood frustrations and aspirations come back to you when you read a child report for your chart.

This Child astrology report is written by Stephanie Johnson, a highly experienced astrologer and excellent author.

The Moon Sign

A child is connected to mother, as represented by their moon sign. The Moon tells you about your children’s emotional nature and basic needs. It is also the key to how they experience intimacy in relationships. The Moon tells you about your children’s relationship with their mother, how they experience their mother’s nurturing.

As a result it can also give you insights on how to best nurture your children as babies and maturing young adults. When a child feels safe and has their basic needs met, they are better able to achieve their goals later in life.

The point of the report is to more quickly get in tune with your child’s natural tendencies so both of you have an easier relationship.

Child ReportUnderstanding leads to greater patience a virtue of immeasurable worth in child-rearing!

By identifying both talents and possible challenges in advance, you’ll be better equipped to help your children lead fulfilled lives.

The journey from babyhood to adulthood is full of joys and challenges. This report is intended to help parents and mentors to support and encourage their children through the difficult times and to provide them with as much love and joy as possible.

Then childhood can become a true foundation for a rewarding and joyful adult life.

Both children and their parents can be satisfied with a strong and healthy emotional bond, happy memories and many possibilities for future success.

This Child report is particularly suitable as a gift to new parents. It contains a minimum of astrological language yet doesn’t skimp on advice. The writing is consistently positive throughout so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently dropping any bombshells on the new parents.

The abundance of colourful pictures of children also make this report particularly suitable for gift giving. The average report is 17 pages.

“With much appreciation for this report which I bought as a present for a new baby. When I gave it to her, the mum cried tears of joy.” Kate

“I loved reading the report and already recognise some personality traits identified. Myself and Gracie’s dad will find it useful as a reference to assist in supporting Gracie throughout her life – every tool helps! Thank you, Josie x

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George
The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George

Sample Report Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

The birth of the Royal baby came just a few hours before the Full Moon on July 22nd at 4.25pm BST 2013 in London, UK.

He’s a Cancerian (just!), with is Moon in Capricorn, and Scorpio ascendant.

Those signs ally him to his dad William and Princess Diana (Cancer) mum Kate (Capricorn) and grandfather Charles (Scorpio).

For all of us, our charts are connected to our families. We are are born to bring in an energy that the family needs. Scorpio is a secretive and sensitive sign, and also a sign with 3 symbols, the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.

Prince George has a stellium of planets in his 8th house – so the promise in his chart is that he has incarnated to transform the monarchy.

Click here to read the Child report Prince George

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