The Money Report

This unique and original Money Report highlights the riches inherent in your Birth Chart.

Money ReportIt has often been said that money does not bring happiness.

It can ease some hardships, but on its own money does not make a person happy. Neither does money make a person feel rich. One person can feel wealthy with very little money, while another feels poor with a great deal. Money worries do not seem to subside when more is accumulated; in fact they often increase.

The Money report has highlighted some of the indicators in your Horoscope that point to your inborn relationship with money.

  • How do you feel rich?
  • What do you need in your life that is of true worth?
  • Also are you able to attract material wealth if it is indeed important to you?

The authors write:-

“Money is not just a powerful symbol in culture but an important reality in everyday lives, as the Money, Finance and Business sections of daily newspapers attest.

This report has highlighted some of the indicators in your Horoscope that point to your instinctual relationship with money.

Sometimes the description might not match your experience or understanding, and sometimes contradictions can be read, but nonetheless the lessons are true. Reflecting upon the astrology will help you to become more aware of how money works in your life and how it is intimately bound up with your personal values. Money is not just a commodity, but is also a symbol of value and worth.

It is rare to meet someone who is indifferent to money. Money is a serious affair; it does matter. The word money finds its way into our modern language from the Latin word ‘moneta’ meaning mint. In the 3rd Century BCE the Romans established a mint at Juno Moneta’s temple, which lasted for the next four centuries. The image of the goddess appeared on one side of the coin holding the scales in one hand and the cornucopia in the other, symbols of weighing up and balancing the abundance that the goddess provided. Ironically money has its taproot in a deeper wellspring.

Money plays an important role in your culture and society. It is also a psychological symbol and like all psychic complexes your relationship with it will be complex and complicated. As a psychic symbol, money is part of your fate; therefore becoming aware of your relationship with it helps you become more conscious of its patterns in your life.

Gaining an understanding of money and its place in your life can greatly assist in helping you to accept your circumstances and live in an easier flow of life, and an easier relationship with money.” Stephanie Johnson & Brian Clark

This report has been aimed at helping you understand what role money plays in your life, what you truly value and in helping you focus on your soul’s purpose.

The Money Report includes:

• Introduction
• Your Money Temperament (Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Signs)
• Your Relationship with Money (Venus in Signs)
• Your Personal Income (2nd House Cusp Signs and Rulers, 2nd House Planets)
• Your Shared Income (8th House Cusp Signs and Rulers, 8th House Planets)
• Your Fortune (Part of Fortune in Signs and Houses)
• Conclusion

The report is about 20 pages and has been written by astrologers Brian Clark and Stephanie Johnson.

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(NB This report uses the western tropical zodiac.)