Relationship Report

Relationships are the source of our greatest joys and greatest woes.

They are so complex and mysterious. It is very difficult for us to see them objectively from the inside.

This compatibility report tells you what expectations and styles of relating you bring to all your relationships. These habits are so familiar that we have a hard time understanding our biases.

The heart of most compatibility reports is the section that describes the dynamics of the relationship. The inter-aspects between charts tell us how we affect each other. Another word for this is ‘chemistry’.

Astrology has techniques for measuring the chemistry created when two people form a relationship. It can explain why we just “click” with some people and why we just can’t seem to stay out of trouble with others.

Relationships can be difficult!

The more information we have on what each person brings to the relationship and how our needs and expectations interact that greater our chance of success. Some relationships are easier than others, but mostly we need more understanding and compassion to make them work for us and for our partner.

This report gives you objective insights into what drives your relationship. It describes our needs and how they are fulfilled or thwarted by our partner. It also gives advice on how to deal with the difficult aspects that are a part of every relationship.

“This is another very good report filled with accurate details of the relationship. It spoke of things that we are only beginning to explore after knowing each other for a couple years. It pointed out a special characteristic of it being a life changing relationship which I’m finding it to be. A very nice report!” Mark Nelson

It not only give us words to describe how we feel in the relationship, but it also tells us how our partner feels about us!

This is a very powerful tool for developing the compassion and maturity required to make the relationship work over the long haul.

It describes what expectations and needs each person brings to any relationship by delineating their venus and planets in the 7th house, then describes the relationship dynamics as reveled in the inter aspects between each person’s planets.

This is a report that pulls no punches.

Stephanie Johnson is not afraid to pass judgment on whether a relationship will be good for romance, friendship or a disaster. The report goes into great detail about the inter aspects than any other report.

Compare two people’s birth charts for only £15 for approx 24 page report. The report also includes the birth chart wheels.


PRICE: £15

After payment you’ll be redirected to a Contact page where you enter the birth details of both people – Date, place and time of birth.

Your information is entered by hand so will be delivered as quickly as possible. The Report will be emailed to you as a PDF file.