Solar Writer Natal Report

solar writer astrology report

This is an ideal gift as it’s beautifully illustrated with a birth chart wheel.

This astrology report written by Stephanie Johnson achieves an integrated feel by writing more expansively on fewer factors.

The report’s author has a background in traditional and esoteric astrology so the report focuses more on what you are than why you act as you do.

The only astrological terms used in the text are the names of the planets and signs which makes it a good report for those who get distracted by astrological jargon.

This Report describes your:-

Life Goals (Sun and Jupiter)
Home and Emotions (Moon)
Education and Communication (Mercury)
Relationships (Venus)
Motivation (Mars)
Career and Ambitions (Saturn and Midheaven)
Creativity and Originality (Uranus and Neptune)
Challenges in Life (Pluto)
Purpose and Joy (Nodes and Ascendant)

Each section covers the points by sign and house with the major aspects.

This report is excellent as a present. Average report length: 30 pages with beautiful illustrations. Price £20.00 (Approx. $27)

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