Special Offer: 2 Karmic Astrology Reports

1st REPORT: Sky Within- Your Ten Teachers and the Lunar Nodes

Steven Forrest writes with poetic grandeur about the archetypes behind the planets, signs and house in your birth chart.

Steven’s writing reflects his caring sense of the unique spiritual nature of each person and their important place on this planet.

He gently guides you through a very personal introduction to yourself, often identifying characteristics, talents and potential that you may not have previously expressed, but innately felt.

It is filled with truth and presented in a manner that allows you to acknowledge those truths about yourself that may not be readily revealed to even the people closest to you.

This Report is a rewarding experience.

It’s like a conversation with a very close trusted friend. Steven writes:-

“In astrology, the South Node of the Moon refers to events occurring before your birth, helping us to see what was in your eyes ten seconds after you were born. The Moon’s North Node, always opposite the South Node, refers to your evolutionary future. It’s a subtle point, but arguably the most important symbol in astrology. The North Node represents an alien state of consciousness and an unaccustomed set of circumstances. If you open your heart and mind to them, you put maximum tension on the deadening hold of the past.” Steven Forrest

“I usually resist computer generated astrology reports because of the generic nature of the information. I have read and re-read this report and am touched by an intimate and spiritual component that is deeply nourishing. I know it does not replace the person to person contact, but it is a lovely substitute.” Kathlene

Pam highly recommends this report. The author Steven Forrest is one of the finest practicing astrologer and authors working today.

2nd REPORT: Karmic Insight Report: Your Soul’s Intentions

The Karmic Insight report provides an in-depth look into the soul’s intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

Gina Ronco interprets the past life reverberations shown in the natal chart. The report clarifies lessons and goals recreated from the past for resolution in this life.

This succinct report concentrates on the planets that are most involved with karmic lessons:

  • The Moon carries unresolved past-life issues
  • The Sun represents the creative thrust of this life
  • Saturn, sometimes referred to as the planet of karma, shows your energetic blockages, weaknesses and fears.

It points to the areas of your life where the most concentrated effort and discipline will be required. If you do the work these will become your areas of greatest strength.

The Karmic insight report also discusses struggles (major hard aspects) and gifts and strengths (major soft aspects) brought forward from past lives.

If you are going through your Saturn return (age 28-31 years, or 55-58 years) then this report is especially useful. Every 7 years Saturn will be triggered, so key ages in your life are 7, 14, 21 and 28, then multiples of 7 thereafter.

“I loved the reports I bought, especially the Karmic report “ I was in tears reading for the first time as I felt so recognised. Amazing.”  Sheila Jacobs

This is the best selling report in the Astrology Shop.


USUAL PRICE: £15 each.  SALE Buy both reports for £20. Save £10!!

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