Aura-Soma Tarot Reading

B89 Energy Rescue Aura Soma card

A way to access soul purpose is though the use of divination tools

One such method is with the use of Aura-Soma Tarot.

In 1995 I trained in Aura-Soma, a wonderfully beautiful colour system, as a way of gaining valuable information about soul gifts and also what chakras need rebalancing.

Until now I hadn’t seen how I could offer Aura-Soma  to clients, apart from a personal one-to-one consultation. Now the message has come in clear and strong  to offer consultations using the Aura-Soma Tarot cards.

The Aura-Soma Tarot Consultation

The client chooses 4 cards on the phone with an intuitive method as I shuffle the deck. Each card has 2 sides. On one side is an illustration of an Aura-Soma bottle. On the other side is the relevant tarot card.
Each bottle has a number, a name and a message, so the cards are interpreted in many layers.

In Brief: The 1st card shows the Soul’s purpose, the 2nd the challenges which when overcome become the gifts, the 3rd the here and now and the 4th the positive future.

What is Aura-Soma?

Aura-Soma is a light system, not pigment, so the combination of 3 colours make up white. The basic 3 colours are red, yellow and blue which make up all the colours of the spectrum. Aura means ‘light body’ and Soma is the Sanskrit word for the Moon. It is said that when a person is enlightened the crown chakra opens and the soma – a liquid- flows down.

The Aura-Soma® Tarot is a system that brings you closer to the understanding of yourself. It is a means of self-discovery and self-development.

As with any system incorporating elements of esoteric meaning, the more it is studied, the more becomes apparent – not just through intellectual discovery, but also through those centres in us that perceive through intuition and understanding.

There are 100 cards, and every consultation focuses on the gifts, the positive qualities that the choice of 4 cards shows.  I work effectively with clients on Skype, as it offers little distractions. I record your consultation and then a link is sent via email so you can download it and listen again.

Personal process

My Soul Bottle is B89, the tarot card is Strength and is illustrated above.  It relates to the Throat chakra in the Tree of Life. It was my 1st Bottle choice and is called ‘Energy Rescue’ . The interpretation is from the book Aura-Soma by Mike Booth and Irene Dalichow:-

“A person with a lot of energy; a determined person who injects others with energy. Someone who devotes his/her sexual energies to the growth of awareness. Has overcome sexual difficulties. Is able to heal with energy (Shiatsu, acupuncture, etc.) Is knowledgeable in money matters, and also in the use of time. Matters that are difficult for other people, this person manages with ease.

The bottle was born on July 26, 1992, when the calendar of the Mayans showed the end of an important cycle. Therefore, this bottle is also called the “Time Shift Bottle”.

Is suitable for tantric exercises. Helps people who work with earth energies. Protects from negative earth energy radiation.”

When I chose it I was in my first year of being a professional astrologer.  Astrology is the study of time, and life cycles. In my spiritual journey over the last 24 years I have constantly connected with this bottle and Strength (the tarot card it relates to) and to the goddess.


The reading is done via the phone or Skype. The fee is £60 for one and a quarter hours and is recorded and the file sent as an MP3 so you can listen again.  You can pay for your consultation online with your credit card.

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