Creating Abundance Workshop

Sedgwick Park House
A weekend in Sedgwick Park House relishing in the most delightful and beautiful gardens

Creating Abundance Workshop

Facilitated by Pam Carruthers

Weekend Residential Workshop July 26th/27th 2014
In the Most Idyllic and Magical Venue: Sedgwick Park House, near Horsham, Sussex


  • Are living an abundant life or do you know that you have potential to achieve so much more?
  • Would you like to clear the blocks to greater success and recharge your batteries in the most idyllic venue?
  • Are you ready and willing to embrace and work with the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success?

The focus of this Creating Abundance weekend workshop is to assist you in creating abundance in all areas of your life- love, relationships, money, friends, clients, by working with the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra and the planetary energy of Jupiter at the New Moon in Leo.

Highly experienced trainer Pam Carruthers works with Aura-Soma colour system, Soul Astrology and the spiritual principles of Psychology of Vision (Based on A Course in Miracles.)

She creates a magical space for you to make deep and lasting changes in your life with the support of like-minded people.

The last workshop at this venue in June was described by participants as ‘magical’, and the atmosphere of Sedgwick Park as ‘homely’. By Sunday evening people didn’t want to leave!

Flowering: This weekend is the seed time  for the next 12 months.

In the Osho Zen tarot Flowering is the Queen of Rainbows (Pentacles) connected to the earth sign of Taurus ruled by Venus, as seen in the necklace the Goddess is wearing.

“The Queen of Rainbows is like a fantastic plant that has reached the apex of its flowering and colours.

When we are living in abundance, living intensely, we are over flowing.

Your blissfulness, your ecstasy should not be contained within you like a seed. It should open like a flower and spread its fragrance to all and sundry.

This is real compassion, this is real love, sharing your enlightenment, sharing your dance of the beyond” from Osho Zen Tarot

Creating Abundance: The Workshop

On the workshop we’ll work with sacred rituals. We’ll clear the blocks that stand in the way to creating abundance in our lives by invoking the power of Grace and miracles.

Some highlights are:-

  • Understanding and working with the ‘7 Spiritual Laws of Success’ by Deepak Chopra. Earlybird participants will each receive this book as a bonus
  • Inner Guide Meditation to connect with your inner teacher which is the 9th house and Jupiter’s energy in your birth chart.
  • Intuitive Chakra Scan to tune into what blocks the 2nd Chakra- the key to creativity and abundance.
  • Divination. Choose Crystal Ally cards that offer guidance for your Soul’s Journey.
  • Letting Go: A Four Elements Ritual with earth, air, fire and water to connect us to nature and the beauty of the land.
  • Grounding -Walking the Labyrinth. Set your intention and open up to receiving guidance.
  • Group healing processes.
  • Embrace your talents and Soul level gifts.

This workshop is for a maximum of 16 places. There is accommodation for everyone (cost is extra).

wheel o ffortuneChange Your Fortune with Jupiter’s Blessing: The Astrology of July 26th/27th

This weekend is timed to connect with the New Moon in the creative and joyful sign of Leo. This is where we are born to shine.

Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo on 16th July for a year, and will be activated at the New Moon in Leo on July 27th. 

Jupiter is the king of the Gods, the planetary energy that offers us Great Good Fortune and faith in future. It’s the planet of growth, of joy, abundance and the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot.

Now in the sign of Leo for the next year, ritual and storytelling are highlighted as the way to increase the growth that Jupiter can bring to our lives.

Jupiter says ‘Think Big!!!’ It  says Carpe Deum- seize the day

We can tap into this cosmic energy by focusing our intention on manifesting a positive future.

However our ego can resist as it fears the future and keeps us stuck in the past. The intention of this workshop is to support you to embrace the power of Miracles and step into the abundance you so richly deserve,

Workshop Tuition Fee

Earlybird: £195 until July 18th then £225. Payable via secure paypal. You can pay with a credit card or cheque.

PLUS The best selling Karmic Insight Report worth £15 and Solar Writer report worth £15

PLUS 90 mins Follow Up Astrology Consultation focusing on Jupiter with Pam worth £75

Earlybird participants will each receive ‘The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success’ by Deepak Chopra as a bonus as a hardback.


Arrive on the 8.45am train at Horsham.  This gives you time to have a cup of tea or coffee and book into your room.
Start at 10am-6.30pm on Saturday, 10am until 5.30pm Sunday.

Bring your own lunches, or we can stop by at the local Tesco. For the evening meal there is a local pub, fish and chips, and take-away a short drive away.


Horsham station is an hour from Victoria or London Bridge and Sedgwick Park House is 10 minutes in a taxi.

If you are driving then you need directions as there are 2 entrances to the venue.  Use,uk or Google maps, then let Pam know and she will send you instructions. There is plenty of free parking.

“TESTIMONIAL: “I have worked with Pam for a couple of years now and have attended many of her workshops.

Pam’s clever use of combining Aura -Soma, astrological insight and the powerful model of Psychology of Vision makes for a weekend of healing so profound that it’s hard to put into words.  The gift of being in a space with like minded souls who all come together at the same time to create change is so powerful and unique.  Every process that takes place touches your heart and soul.  My own process took me on a journey of reconnecting to God and magical things have been happening since.

Pam is an excellent facilitator, gracious with her knowledge and insight and always works intuitively and sensitively to support each and every person in her space.

If you’ve been drawn to Pam’s workshops but have been resisting for whatever reason, then I urge you to listen to your soul’s calling and reclaim your Innocence and True Self. Because you’re worth it. Sharon W”

Accommodation includes Breakfast

All the rooms are beautifully decorated by Clare Davison. There is a small kitchenette with a microwave, a small fridge and plenty of cutlery, mugs and plates, where you can make teas, coffee and toast.  You can make a drink and take it to your room, or there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your meals.

Breakfast. Teas, coffee, toast, cereal, muesli, yogurt, cheese, eggs and fruit.

Price per Night

Double bed with ensuite bathroom, £65 the Purple Room (not shown)

Roses room
Roses room


Alice's Room
Alice’s Room
French Room
French Room
Daisy's Room
Daisy’s Room

Price per Night

Double Beds sharing bathroom £45:- Roses Room, Alice’s Room,  French Room,  Daisy’s Room Twin beds sharing bathroom:-  Daffodil Suite

Daffodil Suite North
Daffodil Suite North
Butlers Suite
Butlers Suite

Price per Night

Twin beds with ensuite bathroom, 2 sharing £45 each :- Daffodil Suite,  Butlers Suite. Bluebell Room (not pictured)

Please email Pam with your choice of room, or to discuss this workshop.


There are many rooms to enjoy in the house as well as the beautiful gardens and woodland. The Tower Meditation Room is a place to relax, watch the sunset and enjoy the stunning views. And, if the weather is good, how about a dip in the outdoor swimming pool!

The outdoor swimming pool
The outdoor swimming pool