Outer Planets Online Astrology Course 2023

Know Thyself- A Journey of Self Discovery. Learning keeps you young! This 5 week Outer Planets Online Astrology Course is an in-depth journey through your inner archetypes – the social and outer planets – with guided meditations.

This course is for beginners and those who wish to deepen their understanding.

It’s designed for a small group, maximum 6 students for personal attention.  I have been running this Planets Within Course for over 20 years. This short course focuses on the social planets-Jupiter and Saturn- and the outer planets-Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The intention of this astrology course is to encourage and inspire you on your spiritual journey.

The bonus session is this Masterclass. On this video Pam teaches you the building blocks of astrology-the elements, houses and signs.

Astrology is a language. Like all languages we will benefit when we know the basics in order to learn how it works. On this beautifully illustrated MasterClass Pam introduces you to the building blocks of astrology.

  • The 4 Elements:- fire, earth, air and water. What if you have a weak or missing element?
  • The 12 Houses and their meanings. They develop from the 1st house. It’s rare to have a planet in every house.
  • The 12 Signs of the Zodiac-the most important are the Sun and the Moon, and the rising sign and its ruler.
  • The 3 Qualities:- cardinal, fixed and mutable. These can change the dynamics of a chart.

This MasterClass is the essential first step as part of the Planets Online Course. It’s also an ideal introduction to an astrology consultation.

The Outer Planets Online Course

In 5 online sessions we’ll explore the social and the outer planets – the energies that are the archetypes within us. The dates are:-

  • November 13th Jupiter: The Explorer and Optimist
  • November 20th Saturn: The Strategist and Mastery
  • November 27th Uranus: The Rebel and Innovator
  • December 4th Neptune: The Visionary and Dreamer
  • December 11th Pluto: The Transformer and Shaman

PDF’s of all modules will be given, and the video recordings of the online sessions.

Working with your personal birth chart, in a small group you’ll creatively explore:

  • The astronomy of planets and the signs of the zodiac they rule
  • The language of the Universe ~ key words and images
  • Key myths of each planet and their relative influence in our lives
  • The movies that represent each planet
  • Guided meditation to discover what each planet means for you. Participants love these meditations!

We meet online via Zoom where Pam will guide you through the content in beautifully illustrated PowerPoint presentations on each planet. Then she will lead you through a guided meditation, take Q & A and discuss each person’s chart in relationship to the planet of the week. We learn by looking at each other’s charts and listening to others experiences.

This innovative way of learning allows you to integrate the planets energies in your birth chart.

Dates and Time :- This online Astrology Course will run for 5 weeks on Monday evenings.

Venue ONLINE. You will need a fast broadband connection and a webcam as the meetings will be via Zoom, which is an online meeting service. You can use your ipad.  The sessions will be recorded in video.

Starts Monday November 13th at 7.30pm -9.30pm BST. Book now to secure your place. 

The Outer Planets Online Astrology Course Fee £150

Please contact Pam via the contact form if you wish to pay via BACS.

BONUS Includes 2 Astrology Reports:- ‘Your 10 Teachers’ by Steven Forrest plus Solar Writer Report which gives detailed information on every planet in your chart. (Total Value £40)
You will also be eligible for a discount on a 90 mins Soul Astrology Consultation with Pam for £88 (usual fee is £108)

This is just some of the feedback from previous The Planets Within Astrology Courses:-

“Learning online with Pam is such an enjoyable experience, she explains all content clearly, using great imagery, mythical legend and linking interesting past and present historical events.

Pam’s astounding knowledge and intuitive approach to our learning makes it a deeply personal experience. You gain a deeper understanding of yourself week by week and I especially enjoy Pam’s guided meditations!

I look forward to our sessions and love that the course allows you to meet, learn & share with other wonderful individuals from all over the world – it really is a highlight of my week! I’ll be booking another course with Pam for sure!” Kelly-Marie, Taurus

“The Planets Within course was incredibly helpful in my personal development journey. Pam provided glorious visuals, rich information, personal interpretations of birth chart regarding each planet and a warm welcoming group. It was a highlight and treat of my week. I highly recommend it”! Ann O’ Keife, Capricorn

“Pam’s course on the planets were so refreshing, enjoyable and informative because she added many elements beyond astrology taken from psychology, spirituality, mysticism, history, politics, film.

It took some commitment to be at our desks at appointed times and days (regular) but by following the movement of the planets and their relationship to each other and to our lives this commitment became a magical journey into forces that are influencing our lives.

It’s a well structured course of teaching, with very clear points throughout and with many opportunities to follow on with an individual study more of what is offered, either in the form of book recommendations or looking up archetypes, events, stories, Tarot and so many many more.

Highly recommended and if you feel it is the right time for you to explore the skies in this creative way, don’t hesitate.

I particularly enjoyed the active imaginative journeys we did at the end of each module which gave me insights into sometimes complex issues and helped with a clearer understanding and a gentle “push” of my life in the right direction.

Finishing this course with a lot of appreciation for Pam’s talents, skills and willingness to share more and more of her work and what she knows.” Stella, Cancer

“This is the second course I have studied with Pam and both have been enlightening and rewarding. Learning in a small intimate group brings people together in a safe environment and opens up astrology to new ideas and concepts previously undiscovered. Thank you Pam for sharing your knowledge and expertise I have learnt so much from attending your courses.” Geraldine, Libra

“Each planet is gone into in great detail with brilliant illustrations.  Pam describes each association with each planet beautifully to give a greater understanding” Lesley-Ann, Pisces

“I got a real depth of insight into what I’m here for that I don’t think I’d get anywhere else. Pam’s understanding of the guidance that the heavens are trying to offer us is tremendous and very powerful. As far as experiential, healing astrology goes, it doesn’t get better than this. I highly recommend it.” Rose, Leo

“Do this course! It’s a roller coaster ride to increased self-knowledge and you learn a lot about the planets, too!” Sheila, Aries

“The course was a real treat. I especially loved the guided meditations which really helped me feel how the planets affect my approach to life. It’s interesting now to tap into my moods and see which planets might be at play.” Laura, Aries

Pam also runs an Intermediate Course, so contact her via this form to find out more.

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