Healing Your Soul Patterns Report

The Significance of Numbers for Healing your Soul Patterns

Numbers are very symbolic and give us valuable information about our current day issues.

When we experience painful emotional or physical situations in our childhood they can be buried and long forgotten, or just put down to ‘that’s just what happened’.

However, we may find that we keep getting stuck in our lives – or that things go wrong after a certain time. For example – if we experienced a heartbreak age 6, that our relationships break up after 6 months or 6 years.

Numbers can reveal the pattern and help us get to the source of our problems.

When we understand the pattern we can heal it.

Awareness is all important and this report offers detailed description of what numbers represent.

Traumas can occur while in the womb. They are hidden deep in the unconscious.

On a Deeper Level

With any trauma that occurs in the womb, the month in which the trauma occurs is symbolically significant. Events that occur between conception and birth are different from those that take place later, in that they reflect the unconscious and ancestral issues that were present at conception.

We might not know consciously what these events were, but the astrological chart can often indicate that something occurred.

There is also a very simple process that can be used to find out. It’s an intuitive process which bypasses the logical brain with the question “If you were to know what happened it was something like…”

The story that comes from this process reveals what is holding you back from success and happiness.

Chuck Spezzano co-founder of Psychology of Vision says:

“The age at which a trauma occurs is significant and can give a deeper understanding of the process underlying that trauma. Our age provides clues as to what general issues we were facing at the time and why it happened then.”

Pam has been using this technique in her coaching and workshops for over 13 years, and has found it be of enormous help to clients and participants. Past lives, ancestral problems and events in the womb are all stories that – once healed – will shift a huge amount of energy that is needed to help you in fulfilling your purpose.

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