Sun joins Saturn in Scorpio – Lord of Karma

transformation scorpio sun card
Transformation. The Death card in Osho Zen tarot

Commit to your Transformation

Have you been depressed? Lethargic and lacking energy? Caught up with busyness and aren’t making any real progress?

Then, like a radio receiver, you may be tuning in to the negative energy of Saturn in Scorpio.

The Sun moved into Scorpio on October 23rd at 00.45 GMT and joins Saturn on 25th. This solar energy ‘activates’ Saturn, which will gain its importance at the Full Moon on October 29th.

Scorpio is the sign ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld, also called Hades. It is a sign with 3 symbols, the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix. This is important as Scorpio is the sign of transformation from the low state of the scorpion, through vision as represented by the eagle, to being reborn in the phoenix, or dove.

This is the spiritual journey of transformation.

The Osho card pictured is the Death card in the tarot which is Scorpio’s card. However Osho calls it Transformation.

Osho writes:-
“The central figure in this card sits atop the vast flower of the void, and holds the symbols of transformation – the sword that cuts through illusion, the snake that rejuvenates itself by shedding its skin, the broken chain of limitations, and the yin /yang symbol of transcending  duality.

One of its hands rests on its lap, open and receptive. The other reaches down to touch the mouth of a sleeping face, symbolizing the silence that comes when we are at rest.

This is a time for a deep let-go. Allow any pain, sorrow, or difficulty just to be there. (my italics)

It is very much like the experience of Buddha when, after years of seeking, he finally gave up knowing there was nothing more that he could do. That very night, he became enlightened.

Transformation comes, like death, in its own time. And, like death, it takes you; from one dimension into another.”

One important thing to remember about Scorpio is that it’s a fixed sign, just like Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. Fixed is a quality that sustains and finishes the course when positive. When negative its controlling and intransigent. Since Scorpio is also a water sign, it has emotional courage to plunge the depths of the soul’s journey -the dark night of the soul- and be reborn.

We all have a house with Scorpio on its cusp (the gateway) in our birth chart. This is the area where we can plunge into emotional depths and reconnect with the Source and our true power.

All we need do is to commit to our healing.

The Hermit in the tarot shows Saturn’s journey

Saturn – Lord of Karma

Saturn rules over endings and physical death. It governs the signs of winter- Capricorn and Aquarius – when the trees are bare. However on a higher spiritual level, as Osho teaches, death is a new beginning- a rebirth into another higher state.

Letting go of the wounds of the past is crucial. In The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Mary Plumb shares some insights into how this year has been so far, as Saturn was at the last degrees of Libra from 14th January-2nd March and then again from 27th September-5th October- a precarious position. This may resonate with your experience this year:-

“The sense of being at the very end of some theme or chapter or area of difficulty can accompany a planet as it gathers itself before moving into a whole other land, in this case, the land of Scorpio on October 5th.

In each of our personal charts, Saturn has brought its diligence and grinding stone to the affairs and situations of the house with Libra on the cusp for the last two and a half years.

The 29th degree (of any sign) is “the degree of expiation” as in Isabel Hickey’s Astrology: A Cosmic Science (1970).

The degree of expiation suggests that all conditions and situations related to the sign have this one last degree, this one last moment to resolve themselves. It has the suggestion of atonement, propitiating a god, or the means through which atonement is made.”

I have been aware of endings in relationships, some were necessary- a pruning- but if a relationship ends with a fight, then there is unfinished business. Karmic stories may have been triggered.

I urge you to be aware that all of our relationships are a mirror reflecting back to us what we need to look at and heal.

Read my page on Saturn to find out more about its energy.

Saturn's rings
Saturn return is significant at ages 28-31 and 56-58

What’s Saturn (and the other planets) teaching you personally?

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Steven Forrest writes about Saturn:-
“Saturn is classically viewed as the “bad” planet, the “Greater Malefic.” Don’t believe it! Used correctly, its transits can bring dignity and self-respect.
Essentially, Saturn is about maturity. The part of your life that’s being touched by the Saturnian energies needs to grow up…which, despite the lies we’re all told, is not a process one mysteriously completes on one’s twenty-first birthday. There is an area of your life where you have simply outgrown yourself, at least inwardly.

The task now is to adjust your outward circumstances to reflect the maturity you’ve already attained psychically and invisibly. It is a material problem, not fundamentally a psychological one. To succeed, there is first a need to face reality squarely, even if it’s unsavory. Then to make a hard choice…that is, to reach an emotional bottom line and not be crippled by your awareness of the ambiguities in your situation.

And finally, in a spirit of commitment, persistence, and self-discipline, to claim those circumstances in your life which reflect the hard inner work you’ve been doing over the last few years. That’s Saturn in general.”

The report is in 3 sections.

  1. THE INVITATION, gets to that “mountain-top” perspective that enables you to make sense of the details.
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Every relationship in our life is an opportunity for growth and evolution. However that is easier said than done.

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