The Key Dates New & Full Moons 2021

Magic Moons: Want to know the key lunar dates in 2021 to help you plan ahead?

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Following the lunar cycle is deeply rewarding 

The lunar cycle each month is so important as the Moon waxes and wanes governing the tides and our emotions. 

Every year on your birthday you will discover that the Moon is in a different sign that it was at your birth. You can see at a glance by looking at the One Page Report if your birthday in 2021 is closest to a New or Full Moon. A New Moon represents a whole new beginning for you in the year ahead. The full Moon brings you into the public eye.

New Moons are quiet times

Its never a good time to do a major launch on a New Moon if you want to connect with the public. The reason being is that moon disappears from view for 3 days. Best to wait until 2 days after. The New Moon are times to lay low and are ideal times for meditation and watching your dreams. This FREE report tells you those dates.

Full Moons are times to celebrate

The waxing moon culminating at the Full Moons are ideal times to launch a website, open a business, or having a celebration and planning a party. Each Full Moon activates two archetypes that are in opposition. They are ideal times to integrate these archetypes. 

The Karmic Axis- Eclipses are a time for a major reboot

Eclipses are major turning points in the year. They happen when there is an alignment with the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. In astrology they are indicated by the nodes of the Moon. The nodes of the Moon travel backwards and take approx. 18 months to go through 2 opposite signs. In the birth chart this polarity indicates your past life (south node) and destiny (north node). This is known as the Karmic Axis. In 2021 the transiting north node is in Gemini, the south is in Sagittarius.

Sometimes it’s not easy to find the correct dates in advance

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