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Celebrate the March Full Moon

Jupiter Trines Uranus at this March Full Moon

This truly is a stunning week. Words don’t really do it. The image I’ve used to demonstrate this is from the movie ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ as it best sums up the glorious jubilation as the Moon joins Jupiter which then trines Uranus and Venus-the most fortunate combination possible.

Go watch this movie.

It’s not as good as the first, but for the sheer good feeling factor and all round entertainment with the greatest and much loved British actors it’s a real treat. The addition of the ‘silver fox’ Richard Gere is a bonus for us women of a certain age!

This is a Jupiter/Venus movie!

Look up into the night sky an hour after sunset as Jupiter is now visible in the evening sky and is joined by the near March Full Moon. Look west and see Venus setting as an evening star and still joined to Mars. It’s also close to Uranus, promising great good luck in unexpected ways!

Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius-this is your time to truly shine. We all have those signs in our birth charts so we all benefit.

uranus symbolMarch will see some major events:-

March 3rd Jupiter trine Uranus-super good luck and abundance

March 5th March Full Moon in Virgo, watch the video above.

March 11th Mars joins Uranus and squares Pluto. Be extra careful when driving as accidents can occur. Keep grounded!

March 13th Mercury into Pisces.

March 14th Saturn goes retrograde at 4 degrees Sagittarius. March 17th Uranus square to Pluto-the last in a series of 7. This energy is still active as Mars travels through Aries all month and the Sun moves into Aries on March 20th.

March 17th Venus into Taurus, her home sign. This is Venus as Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Pleasure.

March 20th New Moon Solar eclipse and Spring Equinox-equal day and night.

March 31st Note this energy shift as Mercury changes sign into Aries, Mars into Taurus.

The Wake-up Call of the Uranus Pluto Square

398px-HeroesjourneyI believe that we are all on a spiritual journey.

The only difference is that we all hear the call but only some choose to listen. As a reader of this newsletter I honour you for choosing to listen.

Joseph Campbell called it the Hero’s journey. It takes courage to leave the ‘tribe’, the beliefs and traditions of our family, our ancestors.

At certain times in our lives this call becomes deafening and more and more urgent.

This is the classic ‘mid-life’ when 2 major outer planets (Pluto then Uranus) come along and announce a wake-up call in our lives.

Since 2012 these same 2 outer planets have been squaring off in the heavens. They take no prisoners –their aim as gods of the Underworld and Chaos, of Evolution and Revolution is to cut through illusion and awaken us to the truth of who we really are.

This is a rebirth.

It’s a grand, glorious time in the world when each one of us has the courage to come out of hiding. When we shine our light and show others the way Home.

Become the Star you came to be.

Those key dates of turmoil and awakening are

June 24th 2012

Sept 19th 2012

May 20th 2013

Nov 1st 2013

April 21st 2014

Dec 15th 2014

March 17th 2015

If you respond to those dates then a healing consultation will be timely. I have travelled that journey and, as a Scorpio can hold out my hand to help you come through transformation.

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Feb 22

Light Your Fire: Venus and Mars in Aries

Venus and Mars in Aries are now in the first sign of the zodiac

actionTogether they give us the go ahead to initiate in order to give birth to new creative projects.

This creativity is heightened as this week also sees the Sun joining dreamy visionary Neptune in Pisces.

Any ritual for Aries involves lighting the fire within.

Aries is fast, it’s instant, it the spark of fire, the ignition. It’s passion!

Dancing to fast rock music, drumming, marching, doing something new for the first time are all ways to celebrate this new vibrant energy.

Mars governs adrenaline in the body, the thrill we experience on a roller coaster ride that makes our blood tingle, so we know we’re alive.

What activity does that for you?

Mars is the colour red. How about honouring Mars by buying red flowers, wearing red clothes, red nail varnish or red lipstick for us gals?

Tuesday is Mars’s day, especially before midday. Wars are often started on Tuesdays!

Anger is Mars

The 3 fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are more at ease in expressing anger. However, just like fire, it bursts out then is over. Fire signs tend not to hold grudges! Sport is an obvious way to express the energy of Mars in a healthy way.

If pushing down anger is an issue for you, then one idea to release pent up anger is to have a full body ‘tantrum’. Lie on your bed and pound it with your fists and legs. It works! A pillow fight is another way to safely release this energy.

Self love

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac-its all about ‘me’ so combined with Venus the planet of love, the Universe is asking us to dare to be bold, be courageous. To put ‘me’ first. This isn’t selfish, it’s self love. Self sacrifice doesn’t help anybody, having the courage to love, does.

This week I found a prayer for love from the wonderful teacher and author Marianne Williamson in my files.

I share it with you. Speak it out loud, you will be sending a message into the Universe:-

loversDear God,

Please show me how to love.

Teach me how to extend my light into the life of another.

Remove the barriers to my soul, the walls which stand in front of my heart,

My commitment to aloneness.

My resistances to joining.

I do not seek love, dear God, for I know it is all around me.

I seek instead the healing of my resistance to it, the strengthening of my spirit;

That I might learn to love, to love well, to love fully, to love deeply.

When my true love calls, dear Lord

Please keep my ears open.

Let me not shut down.

Let me not forsake her.

Let me always remember that her call to love her is my call to love You.

Thank You very much.


By Marianne Williamson from her book ‘Illuminata

Set your intention and use these next few weeks to get your fire going. They are a prelude to the Spring Equinox on March 20th when the Sun enters Aries.

March will be a roller coaster of a ride month with the final Uranus square to Mars.

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