Oct 27

Scorpio: Power and Transformation

Scorpio The Phoenix-The ability to transform Oct 27th 2014

The Power of Scorpio to evolve

As a Soul Astrologer and a Scorpio woman I get vexed how misunderstood the sign of Scorpio can be. Growing up I was loathe to tell anyone I was born under this sign as the response was usually one of “oh- you have a sting in your tail” as they withdrew.

Scorpio has 3 symbols and the scorpion is just the starting point. This is the sign that represents evolution and transformation. I call it the sign of the shaman.

As a Scorpio I am now proud to say I have faced and healed many Shadows and dark stories in my life. I really don’t have a sting in my tail!

I have met shamans on Psychology of Vision trainings in British Columbia, Canada and fell honoured to count them as true friends.

Yesterday I honoured my power totem – the Eagle- and created an altar with an eagle feather in pride of place. It was given to me in 1997 in Vancouver by a First Nations woman.

Do you have a place in your home where you can create an altar that honours your power animal, deity or Goddess?

This post is a call for you to connect with your power as planets move through this powerful sign.

Transit of Mars into Capricorn

Now Scorpio’s co-ruler Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn, embracing our power becomes the focus of the month.

Mars forms a positive alliance with Venus and the Sun this week, giving us the strength of will to conquer personal battles.

The Sun and Venus also align with Neptune for graceful and transformational healing.

Scorpio has 3 symbols, the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.

It truly has the ability to transform and give birth to itself anew.

The eagle is a power animal in the native tradition. Power animals can be our guides and allies. The eagle is Spirit, and as a bird it flies the highest and has the most extraordinary vision.

  • What’s your power animal?
  • What are the qualities you wish to embrace at this time in your life?
The eagle is one of the 3 symbols for Scorpio.

The eagle is one of the 3 symbols for Scorpio.  Medicine Card by Jamie Sams.

Sun in Scorpio

Saturday 25th

Venus joins the Sun in Scorpio at 8.30
Mercury direct in Libra conjunct the North Node at 20.16

Sunday 2th

Moon into Sagittarius 4.39.
Mars into Capricorn at 10.42 GMT

 Monday 27th

Venus trine Neptune at 18.47

Tuesday 28th

Sun trine Neptune at 9.49
Moon into Capricorn at 10.03

 Thursday 30th

Moon into Aquarius at 13.51

Friday 31st

Waxing Half Moon in Aquarius- Samhain/Halloween

Saturday 1st Nov

Moon opposite Jupiter 00.28
Mars sextile Neptune at 23.42
Mercury sextile Jupiter 12.44
Moon into Pisces at 16.36
Venus sextile Pluto at 23.09

 Sunday 2nd

Moon in Pisces contacts Neptune, Mars, Sun, Pluto and Venus, a truly wonderful day for healing and transformation

We can inherit the traumas of our Ancestors

ancestral problem card

Ancestral Problem from The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano

As this year is the anniversary of the start of WW1 we are remembering and honouring the past.

However, how many soldiers returned home traumatised?

How many families were experiencing grief at the loss of the young men and women who served and died?

Here are 3 excerpts of articles that prove that current day problems can have originated from traumas experienced by our grandparents.

“According to the new insights of behavioral epigenetics, traumatic experiences in our past, or in our recent ancestors’ past, leave molecular scars adhering to our DNA.

Jews whose great-grandparents were chased from their Russian shtetls; Chinese whose grandparents lived through the ravages of the Cultural Revolution; young immigrants from Africa whose parents survived massacres; adults of every ethnicity who grew up with alcoholic or abusive parents — all carry with them more than just memories.”

Do Your Grandmother’s Experiences Really Make It Into Your Genes?

We were an egg in our grandmother's womb. 10 week foetus. Photo by Lennart Nilsson

We were an egg in our grandmother’s womb. 10 week foetus. Photo by Lennart Nilsson

“You inherit some of your grandmother’s genes, but do you also inherit her experiences?

Our health is influenced by the experiences of our grandparents.

When our mothers were five-month foetus in our grandmother’s womb, we were already eggs in the foetus.

Many medical experts have observed that the womb is the source of health and illnesses. The health of our grandmother can influence the health of third-generation offspring.

It is often said that the first sound we hear in the womb is our mother’s heartbeat. Actually, the first sound to vibrate our newly developed hearing apparatus is the pulse of our mother’s blood through her veins and arteries.

We vibrate to that primordial rhythm even before we have ears to hear. Before we were conceived, we existed in part as an egg in our mother’s ovary.

All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries while she is a four-month-old fetus in the womb of her mother. This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our grandmother.

Each of us spent five months in our grandmother’s womb and she in turn formed within the womb of her grandmother.

We vibrate to the rhythms of our mother’s blood before she herself is born. And this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother. We all share the blood of the first mother – we are truly children of one blood.”

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2002 Aug Issue. Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

It also applies to men

From a programme on the BBC website:-

A new study published in Nature Neuroscience has shown that rats taught to fear a certain smell could pass that fear onto their offspring. Marcus Pembrey, emeritus professor of paediatric genetics, says it has implications for our understanding of the “nature versus nurture” debate.

Prof Pembrey told the Today programme “sperm can carry information about the ancestral environment or experiences, in this case the conditioning shocks of the grandfather.”

“Not only was the sensitivity to this very particular smell passed on to the son and the grandson…but also the changes in the brain, these particular receptors for that smell were passed on,” he added.

Dr Nessa Carey, author of The Epigenetics Revolution, said this inheritance “is potentially quite useful in evolutionary terms.”

powerWorkshop- Healing your Shadow- Embracing Your Power

In our astrology chart I can identify your parents and your grandparents.

The 12th house is the womb, but also a couple of grandparents. The shadow or dark story can be a family pattern that is inherited, but lies unseen in our unconscious.

This coming weekend Nov 1st/2nd I am facilitating a workshop in London to help you connect with your power-and heal your shadow. These are the dark stories that we have that that hold us back from taking our place as leaders and visionaries.

If youre not 100% successful and happy you may like to answer these questions:-

  • If you were to know when did you first lose your power?
  •  Was it this lifetime or passed on through the ancestral line?
  • Who was with you at the time?
  • What was happening?
  • On a scale of 0-100% how much of your power was lost?
  • How much have you regained since?

Power relates to the 3rd chakra-our solar plexus and our centre. It’s also the 5th- our voice, our power to speak and be heard.

It’s time for us to regain our true power, and livee our soul’s purpose.

A workshop is the fast track to heal an issue that could take months of therapy.

There are still a few places available on this workshop and each person will have a personal healing process.

Follow this link for more details.

Healing Your Shadow-Embracing Your True Power workshop Nov 1st/2nd London




Here is the Masterclass on the partial Scorpio Eclipse on Oct 23rd, which is now on YouTube.

Scorpio Solar Eclipse MasterClass




Oct 19

Scorpio Solar Eclipse

eclipse masterclass

Sign up for this Scorpio Solar Eclipse Masterclass Oct 23rd

This week sees the second major event of the month-the partial solar Eclipse on Thursday Oct 23rd at 0 degrees 24 minutes Scorpio.

Not as intense as the Full Moon Lunar eclipse on 8th October, eclipses are of major importance.

“As the Moon reaches its North Node and enters the area of north latitude, it’s as if it were opening itself to cosmic or spiritual influences symbolically represented by the North Pole and, more specifically, the pole star-Polaris.”

Dane Rudyar

The Eclipses are extra potent New or Full Moons!

A Solar Eclipse usually occurs twice a year at a New Moon, so it shows the completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

Solar eclipse energy lasts for 6 months and those degrees are ultra sensitive. They are important for world events, which is known as Mundane astrology.

Eclipses signal what we need to change, they are a rebirth.

They affect us personally if we have a planet at within 2 degrees of the eclipse.

If your birthday is within two days of an eclipse it will be an important year ahead with major life changes.

This eclipse puts all the focus on Venus and on our intimate relationships. Venus is conjunct the New Moon exactly. This can result in feelings of not being appreciated. As Scorpio is a fixed water sign there may be a strong desire to withdraw and keep quiet at this Eclipse.

For this reason- plus I am a Scorpio- I have scheduled a MasterClass on the evening of the eclipse.

Events of the week

Scorpio by Johfra-Bosschart

Scorpio by Johfra-Bosschart

Monday Oct 20th Moon in Virgo

Venus sextile Mars 6.18

Mercury sextile Jupiter 21.37

Tuesday Oct 21st Moon into Libra 12.11

Wednesday no major aspects

Thursday October 23rd

Sun into Scorpio Oct 23rd at 12.57 BST

Venus into Scorpio Oct 23rd at 21.52 BST

Moon into Scorpio 22.09

Partial Scorpio Solar Eclipse 22.43

New Moon 22.56

Friday no major aspects

Saturday Oct 25th

Mercury goes direct at 20.17

Venus joins Sun Oct 25th at 8.31

Sunday Oct 26th

2.0am Clocks go back 1 hour in UK

Moon into Sagittarius 4.39 GMT

Mars enters Capricorn 10.42 GMT

Scorpio Solar Eclipse MasterClass Webinar

The October Solar Eclipse is conjunct Venus in Scorpio- a powerful time for us all to focus on our relationship and loving ourselves.

However with Saturn still in Scorpio and a difficult aspectof the eclipse to Chiron, old wounds so can keep us stuck.

This webinar explains the importance of this ecipse as th effect lasts for 6 months.

On this webinar Pam will teach you:-

  • What the October 23rd Solar Eclipse signifies astrologically for the next 6 months
  • The spiritual significance of a Solar eclipse
  • The Churning of the Oceans Vedic myth that explain the deeper meaning of  eclipses
  • Pluto square the Nodes-Past Lives and Ancestral patterns
  • Healing process of Letting Go

Register here. Webinar October 23rd at 7pm-8pm BST




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Healing Your Heart Coaching and a FREE 3 Card Reading

Workshop: ‘Healing Your Shadow-Embracing Your Power’

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Oct 12

Grand Fire Trine

Grand Fire Trine -Week ahead Oct 12th 2014

Be inspired and set big juicy goals!

The Grand Fire Trine with Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries is active all week.

This is a fantastic week to envision a positive future. The personal planets, Mercury and Venus both join the Sun and create a fabulous ‘kite’ formation, giving a super boost of air energy to light your inner fire.

Sextiles bring planets together that get along and this week sees the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Venus all sextiling Jupiter and Mars. The Libran air ignites the Leo/Sagittarian fire.

Create a Different Story

This email arrived today. It sums up this week’s astrology.

When you focus upon lack in an attitude of complaining, you establish a vibrational point of attraction that then gives you access only to more thoughts of complaint.

Your deliberate effort to tell a new story will establish a new pattern of thought, providing you with a new point of attraction from your present, about your past, and into your future.

The simple effort of looking for positive aspects will set a new vibrational tone that will begin the immediate attraction of thoughts, people, circumstances, and things that are pleasing to you.

—Abraham. Excerpted from the workshop: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008

Our Love, Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

This Grand fire trine will be over by the time of the Solar Eclipse next week, so seize the moment!

Also this week sees Mercury joining the Sun on 16th Oct at 21.39 BST. Find out what this means by watching my MasterClass video-link below.

Next week we have a partial Solar Eclipse on Oct 23rd in Scorpio as Venus joins the Sun on 25th just as Mercury goes direct.

These are special days to contemplate and meditate.



 Mercury Retrograde-Healing Your Shadow

I have now published my fully illustrated YouTube on Mercury Retrograde -Healing Your Shadow. Catch it here.

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Workshop Healing Your Shadow-Embracing Your True Power

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Oct 05

Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries Oct 8th 2014


Lunar Eclipse

Soul Astrologer Pam Carruthers describes the main astrology of the week- the total lunar eclipse and the Grand Fire trine.

This week’s main news is the total lunar eclipse in Aries which activates the Uranus square to Pluto. Libra is the sign of relationships and this full moon eclipse opposite Uranus –planet of revolution and change- may cause break ups.

The Grand fire trine involving Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries, urges us to be inspired and to create what we love from a place of joy. This isn’t always easy as so many of us have suffered from negative criticism as children.

Mercury retrograding in Scorpio and then Libra from Oct 8th until it moves direct on 26th, is emphasising the need for us all to re-evaluate, rethink and revise our relationships both personal and professional.

Free MasterClass Mercury Rerograde-Healing Your Shadow

Oct 05

Balancing Relationships: Sun in Libra

Shiva Shakti- Consciousness and Energy-balancing the yang and yin

Shiva Shakti- Consciousness and Energy-balancing the yang and yin

Sun in Libra: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Libra and October Eclipses

Mercury moved into Scorpio on Sunday Sept 28th and since then I have found it difficult to concentrate to write or record the week’s astrology.

Last week we had a trine between Jupiter and Uranus in fire signs-that’s high octane energy for change!

Have you felt incredibly restless all week?

This morning in my meditation on the 5th chakra and creativity (with Deepak Chopra-I love him!) I knew I had to focus on the Shadow. I cancelled a workshop I had planned for October and instead have committed to focusing on this theme for the weekend of Nov 1st/2nd.

I am a Scorpio and almost 65 years old.

Having lived through the intense transit of Pluto in Scorpio from 1985-1995, I know I need to show up as a woman who has faced the dark side and come through to the other side.

Scorpio is the sign of transformation. However that isn’t an easy process!

Getting the balance right in our lives

Greg Bogart writes that Shakti is the yoga in the zodiac that rules Scorpio. This yoga is to be powerful. Bhakti is the yoga for Libra- to be loving and open- hearted.

Scorpio is sexuality, mortality (life and death) and intensity. Libra is beauty and harmony.

This month we are being asked to unite these two combinations as Mercury travels from the emotional depths of Scorpio, back into the diplomatic sign of Libra.

We are also invited to look at Libra’s shadow- indecision and passive aggression, and Scorpio’s – vengeance and the proverbial sting in the tail.

Today I have read 2 articles today about the love/hate relationship. That expression sums up these 2 energies.

Mercury is the God who can go in and out of the Underworld at will

Mercury is the God who can go in and out of the Underworld at will

Mercury goes retrograde on Oct 4th in Scorpio- The Guide to the Underworld

Mercury is a major player this month as it also becomes a key planet involved in the partial Solar Eclipse on October 23rd.

The Messenger can reveal the truths that lie hidden in Scorpio’s sometime murky waters.

Sexual abuse scandals have been rife this year In the UK. Dark secrets and taboos need to be brought into the open for cleansing and healing.

However I believe that forgiveness- not blame and revenge- is the only way to heal.

The Messenger planet will retrograde on 4th October until 28th October. The advise is to back up your computer, don’t buy electrical goods, mobile phone or tablet during this time. Read contracts carefully and make sure there’s a get out clause.

However it is a really good month to re-envision your life.

It’s an ideal for an astrology consultation.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, known for its intensity. Scorpio loves to dive deep into the unconscious-the realm of Pluto. Scorpio is also co-ruled by Mars.

Mercury is the only planet that can go in and out of the Underworld at will. It’s the Guide to the Unconscious- the Psychotherapist, or Soul Astrologer.

The Underworld is an area of the mind that I love as it holds our buried treasure-our soul level gifts. It is accessed through metaphor, image and myths.

If you want to find out more and live in the UK, then I recommend that you come on my November workshop entitled Healing the Shadow-Embracing Your True Power.

Or if you live outside the UK, you can attend my MasterClass Mercury Retrograde webinar. I have also timed it for my subscribers in the US.

Plus take a free 3 Card Reading to ask your Higher Mind for the answers to a pressing problem. (See link at the end of this newsletter)

Mercury Retrograde and October Eclipses: Facing the Shadow

FREE WEBINAR Wednesday October 8th at 8pm – 9.15pm BST (3pm EDT, 8am PDT)

Eclipses are times of change. This webinar is timed on the day of the full lunar eclipse to facilitate positive change.

Mercury retrograde gets a bad press, but it can offer us a shift in perspective.

On this webinar discover:-

  • What does this Mercury retrograde cycle mean for you?
  • What are the questions to ask of Mercury?
  • Key dates: Mercury joins the North Node at the Partial Solar Eclipse 23rd Oct
  • Understanding and healing the shadow in relationships

This webinar will be recorded. However the last 30 mins will be devoted to answering questions to those on the call and will not be recorded. REGISTER NOW


powerWorkshop Nov 1st/2nd Hammersmith London

‘Healing Your Shadow’ Embracing Your True Power

Healing your shadow is the most powerful work you can do.
This is an Invitation to participate in a very special weekend of healing.

Timed just after Halloween and a week after the Scorpio eclipse, we are tuned into the energy of Mars and Pluto, giving us the courage to dive deep into our emotional depths.

Both planets are now joined in Capricorn. Mars is exalted in this sign, so becomes the Spiritual Warrior with the strength and power to help us transform.

This workshop focuses on:-

  • Healing the negative self concepts which we project out onto others as shadow figures.
  • Healing the key time in our lives where we lost power and disconnected from our purpose.
  • Letting Go Ritual

Our true power is the 3rd chakra, our centre and connection to Source, to faith, trust and to strength. Astrologically it is ruled by the Sun. Events in our lives can knock us off this centre, we lose confidence and start to doubt ourselves.

Once we are grounded and connected to our core we can align with our true self as a spiritual being.

How are you feeling right now?

  • Are you stuck? Feel you can’t move forward however hard you try?
  • Is your relationship, or career, just treading water?
  • Is there someone in your life who has become a shadow figure for you?
  • Are you feeling like giving up? Burnt out and exhausted?
  • Are you sabotaging yourself?

These are all signs that you are caught in the ‘dead zone’. This is a stage we all go through many times on our spiritual journey.

The temptation is to give everything up, throw in the job, ditch the relationship, move house.

However the problem remains, and will resurface after a short period of time because its not an external problem but an inner one.
The underlying principle is that there’s a fear of the next step which is a birth into co-creativity and a whole new level of success and happiness.

This workshop focuses on discovering the underlying pattern, on healing the time when we gave up and lost our power.

Find out more and book your place – there are 2 price options>


FREE 3 Card Reading and ‘Healing Your Heart’ Coaching Consultation


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Healing your Shadow Embracing Your Power workshop



SHIVA symbolises consciousness, the masculine principle.
SHAKTI symbolises the feminine principle, the activating power and energy. Find out more

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