Vedic Astrology

vedic astrologyVedic Astrology- Constellations and Signs

The Vedic astrology system uses the sidereal zodiac which calculates the planets positions based on where they actually are in the sky, in relationship to the fixed stars which form the constellations.

The difference is that Western system uses the tropical zodiac which is based on the seasons.

2,000 years ago the signs and the constellations were in the same position. Due to the wobbling of the earth on its axis, the North star is no longer where it was 2,000 years ago. This is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. Astronomers constantly crticise astrologers because they think we don’t know about this!

Now there’s a difference of approx. 23 degrees between the sign and the actual constellation of the stars.

Although it uses a different zodiac from western astrology, the same themes will be seen in the Vedic chart, it’s just that different planets will play the part.

Change of Signs in your birthchart

Using this zodiac most people’s planets move back one sign. The Sun changes sign around the 15th of the month instead of the 21st of the previous month in the Western system.

Confused? See Vedic Sun Sign page for where your Sun is in this system.

It took Pam took 5 years to be convinced that her Sun sign Scorpio is really Libra. However every Scorpio woman she knows works in the fields of design- fashion, photography, graphics and interiors. These are all Libran professions as Libra is governed by Venus.

The Top Fashion Magazine Editors are western Scorpio, so in Vedic astrology they are Librans governed by Venus.

  • Alexandra Schulman UK Vogue
  • Anna Wintour US Vogue (Nov 3rd)
  • Robbie Myers  Editor-in-chief of ELLE magazine (Nov 10th)


Our relationship with the stars mirrors our relationship with our inner self, with our psyche and with the cosmos. Astrology can connect us to Higher Knowledge, our Higher Self – and to communication with the Universe itself. Having the birth chart interpreted is part of the journey of self awareness, of awakening. It’s a map of the heavens at birth. It describes the seed of our essence, our potential. Like any map, it’s not the territory, but it can help us recognise our journey through time. Astrology can be especially important to those who need guidance, or to those who wish to understand the fuller picture of their life.


Using the Vimshottori Dasha system Pam can forecast likely events in your life. This system shows the cycles of a person’s entire life. It can tell you when to expect the highs and lows. It tells how long these periods will last, and what aspect of your life will be in focus. Usually a client comes for a consultation when a difficult dasha is running.

It is greatly reassuring to know that there is always a positive time up ahead, and that preparation and the right mental attitude really can make all the difference.

Freedom from ‘Fate’

Awareness brings strength and empowerment. We can change our lives and nothing is set in stone. You are a partner in your future and by the power of your mind can greatly influence the path you are on. Also its vital to heal unconscious patterns. These are shown in the birth chart with an emphasis on the 4th, 8th and 12th houses, which are also the houses of enlightenment. Especially important is knowing when the dasha changes. By understanding which of the 9 planets are prevailing there are remedies that can be helpful.


There is also an emphasis on the Moon, and the zodiac is divided into 27 lunar mansions called nakshatras. They offer a deeper interpretation of the subtle energy in a  birth chart.


Mantras are easy and have no side effects. Sacred sound has been used by many spiritual paths and the simple sanskrit mantras Pam prescribes are easy to do. Because they are done on a daily basis they involve your effort, which pleases Saturn!

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