“I’ve had several astrological consultations but none compared to my extraordinary reading with Pam Carruthers. She’s nothing short of a brilliant astrological detective.

By applying both Western and Vedic principles she discovered clues in my chart that led to profound insight into mysteries in my life – all delivered with skill and artistry corresponding to my level of knowledge.

It was a breathtaking experience.

I would recommend her to both beginners and experienced practitioners without hesitation.” Letty

Mary Clark and her baby

“Dear Pam, a huge thank you to you for today’s reading. Your positive, energetic interpretations inspire me with possibilities and make challenges ahead look more like opportunities to grow, reflect, and heal the past.

It has been three years since you did a reading for me and Alexander, my son, and your clear advice to me has eased me through a very challenging period in my life. I wanted to know about getting back to work now that I had an infant, and you had said that I shouldn’t count on it– these next few years were not about me growing my career. Thank goodness you had the honesty to say that to me. Your advice to stay focused on my child, and let my career lie fallow for a while has been spot-on, and attempts to do otherwise have been exhausting and disappointing. I am grateful for your insight. Many thanks. “ Mary Clark

“Thanks for your amazing consultation. I feel my energy released and feel healing already taking place within me. I really love the way you work – you have fired me up and I feel filled with enthusiasm, energy and life today.” Julia Chapman

Pam is an amazing astrologer. She brings to her consultations a brilliance and clarity that provides insights which have proven to be very valuable. I have listened and learned so much from her and her sessions have provided me with an in-depth look at my world which has given me the opportunity to make the right choices. I would highly recommend a consultation with her.” Susan How

“Thank you so very much! I feel that another major shift has occurred, and that the way forward is exciting. I am raring to go with the family, and now more fully understand (and acknowledge) that being number 4 in the kids lineup, is tremendous. I’m excited and invigorated.” Merril

“Yesterday I had a session with Pam covering next year for me and my relationship with my younger son Joe. It was enlightening and interesting to understand factors affecting my life and how and when things would improve. Also she said I should have a great year which is always good to hear! We talked about my relationship with Joe, what type of character he will be and how we can support each other best.” Alison B

“Pam – this is just to thank you for my reading. It it left me incredibly energised afterwards and pulled together lots of disparate threads in my life. It has acted as a catalyst. I have already started to follow up and investigate new lines of thought and enquiry. Thank you!” S.R

“Thank you so much again for the consultation which I really enjoyed and got me thinking again in a more focused way on the relationship with “the mother”. Maryline G

I just wanted to thank you for such an inspiring consultation last week. Your depth of knowledge in vedic astrology and beautifully intuitive sense helped me to understand and ‘organise’ thoughts about the puzzle of my life which, of late, I have been struggling to find the right pieces for! I felt uplifted and encouraged after the consultation and very appreciative of the time you took to unravel part of the kaleidoscope. Thank you, thank you, thank you”. Samantha M

“Thank you so much for the astrology reading. I really enjoyed it and gained an immense amount from it. I can’t stop smiling! I really am looking forward to the future now.” Lindsay G

“Thank you, I have been thinking how grateful I am, how useful the reading was. I also appreciate simply being seen, I felt a deep understanding and care from you and that’s balm for my soul. I had a really strong feeling when I was with you that your wisdom was really important for me to pay attention to.” Anne C

“Your work has helped me a lot and I look forward to seeing you again. I feel a shift has started and I am ready for the work that is set up for me to do, to make this shift a permanent one. Thank you so much for your love, help and compassion. You have been very good to me. Be blessed”. Joan

“Pam is truly an inspirational healer. When I am aware of some emotional issues bubbling inside me, I would ask for a session with Pam to resolve them. After the session, I always gain a higher level of awareness and insight of myself.”Yuet-ha Mo

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