Are you going through a difficult time in your life?

Are you sensitive to the energies that are happening in the world right now? Is you heart hurting?
Pam can tell you exactly - to the day - when that time will end.

Pam can help you navigate through those times, because she has some amazing tools to guide and help heal you.
You could struggle with making a life changing decision on your own, causing sleepless nights or you could ask for help.

This option makes the whole process far easier.

Pam offers you an in-depth Soul Astrology Consultation that is food for your mind, body and soul.

She believes that self awareness and understanding are the keys to success and happiness.

A consultation with her is a life enhancing and healing experience.

Pam is a professional Western and Vedic Astrologer and Spiritual Life Coach with over 29 years of experience and an international clientele. 

She doesn't believe in fate, rather that we have a choice as to how we respond to the planetary weather (or storms!) we are experiencing.

Based in Brighton UK, Pam works 1-1 and internationally via online with Zoom.

Soul Astrology Consultation

A Soul Astrology Consultation of 90 mins looks at your birth patterns, identifies your purpose,
your strengths and weaknesses and tells you what’s going on now.

There is also an option for a healing process if appropriate.

Soul Astrology Consultation
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Soul Astrology Consultation

A Soul Astrology consultation with Pam is a life enhancing and healing experience. Having your birth chart interpreted is part of your journey of self awareness. Your birth chart

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