Astrology Books

This is my Recommended list of Astrology Books

All these books are available to buy online from Amazon.

The Secret Language of Astrology: The Illustrated Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Your Star Sign – Create Your Own Birth Chart and Discover What It Means
This book is written by Roy Gillet, a renowned British astrologer. What is the effect of each of the planets on your star sign? What is the influence of the 12 ‘houses’? What are ‘aspects’ and how do they relate to your birth chart?

In this unique book and weblink package, renowned astrologer Roy Gillett uncovers the hidden layers of astrology to explain the complex interplay of influences that shape our character.

The Secret Language of Astrology contains a unique code that gives access to a website created exclusively for the book, enabling you to create a detailed birth chart for yourself, or for family or friends, within seconds.

All of these books are well thumbed in my personal library.


For an easy and intelligent book for a beginner this is my first choice.

The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest is a witty writer with a warm and sensitive style. He uses archetypes and explains the concepts of astrology with an earthy, down to earth approach. This book describes the basics – signs, planets and houses. It’s so entertaining that advanced astrologers can also enjoy it. Sting gives it a rave review!

I sell a great astrology report written by Steven which would make an ideal accompaniment to this book. To buy yours See Archetypes Astrology Report>

Chiron and the Healing Journey: An Astrological and Psychological Perspective by Melanie Reinhart.

Chiron Melanie ReinhartThis book is a classic of original thinking, inspiration, depth of astrological experience and careful research. A wise and fascinating exploration of the nature of the healing experience as delineated in the horoscope, in particular through the archetypal pattern of the Wounded Healer or Shaman.

An indispensible book for anyone wanting to understand the symbolism and meaning of the recently discovered Kuiper Belt object called Chiron. Extensive mythological, cultural and historical references enrich this book, the first edition of which received critical acclaim from practising astrologers world wide, and became established as a classic text in its field.

This major revision contains a wealth of entirely new material, and an elaboration of themes previously included.

Chiron: Healing Body and Soul (Special Topics in Astrology) by Martin Lass.

This is a book I wish I’d written! Martin believes that in under each wound lies a Gift and he clearly explains the healing path of Chiron through all the signs and houses.

Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller.
Explores the astrological significance of the Moon’s north node and describes how it influences the different signs of the zodiac. She’s a brilliant author.

Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady.
This is the ultimate book on eclipses and fascinating reading.

How to be a Great Astrologer: The Planetary Aspects Explained by James Braha.
This is a classic with beautiful etchings of angels and great info on the nodes (destiny). He covers both Western and Vedic positions of the nodes.


Vedic Astrology How to Practice Vedic Astrology
A Beginner’s Guide to Casting Your Horoscope and Predicting Your Future by Andrew Bloomfield BOOK AND CD to create your birth chart. Easy to start with.

The Astrology of Seers by David Frawley. This book is a spiritual treat. Frawley is a brilliant scholar whose heart shines through his writing which is poetic and clear. This was the first Vedic book I read and it totally won me over.

Beneath a Vedic Sky
A Beginner’s guide to the Astrology of Ancient India by William R. Levacy BOOK AND CD to cast charts. Really useful, packed with absorbing information on the basics, plus info on gemstones and vastu.

The Essentials of Vedic Astrology
Basics by Komilla Sutton, an expert teacher and very easy to read, she is truly inspiring.