Saturn Lord of Karma

Your Guide to Spiritual Mastery

Ever felt like Sisyphus?

Saturn represents authority, discipline, hard work, labour and commitment. It’s also about guilt, resistance and delay.

Saturn in our birth chart is where we feel most inadequate – our Achilles heel. Its the voice that says “You’ll never be good at that!” It is our inner critic and cynic.

Usually someone in our childhood- a parent or teacher – took on Saturn’s role as the authority figure that we fought against.

However if we recognise and become aware of where Saturn is in our birth chart, we can work with it, rather than against it- and in return we can become a master and even a professional in that area.

The key is understanding and recognising the various elements that Saturn represents.


Saturn tests us and will push us to our limits. It rules over time -the Greek god’s name Cronus means time-  and is called the lord of Karma. Saturn’s lessons are discipline, practise and commitment. It has the power to reward like no other planet. Because we work and practise sustained effort, there is a sense of real satisfaction. Mars is at home in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.  This is evident through weight training- as we do resistance training and lift heavy weights our muscles get stronger.

It is a spiritual energy that requires us to go within, to meditate, to slow down, listen and witness.  Its here to help us understand that life’s lessons are not meant as punishment, but as learning.

Saturn is said to be the esoteric ruler of this planet- the joke is that we’re the stay after school planet! So what’s your attitude to lessons?

Are you willing to learn? This means connecting with your inner teacher and guide, becoming a Master of your body, emotions and your mind, so you can become strong and at peace.

However it isn’t that easy for most of us! The ego -that part of us that resists discipline and rebels- keeps us stuck.

We keep repeating the same daily lessons- just like Sisyphus in mythology or in the movie Groundhog Day- until one day we learn a different way, and are released.

127 hours movieSaturn and the Moon in the Birth Chart

When Saturn aspects the Moon it can create conditions where we feel unloved and neglected, and set off on a path of independence. Self sufficiency is  no bad thing in itself, except when we believe that we need to do everything on our own and refuse to ask for help.

The movie 127 Hours is a brilliant example of this. A true story of mountaineer Aron Ralston who goes off on his own into the wilderness of Utah and doesn’t tell anyone where he’s going.

He gets into deep trouble. He slips down a crevice and a 800lb rock falls on him and traps his right arm.  Unable to free himself and with very little water, he goes through a huge process over the next 127 hours. Finally as his body is weakening through dehydration he has an epiphany and discovers how he can amputate his arm and free himself.

So he survives – but at great cost. It’s a story of a man who has the Moon and Saturn together in his chart in the sign of Leo- a brave and courageous heart- but also a wounded one. Before that fateful expedition his girlfriend had dumped him.

No wonder- he was emotionally unavailable.

Aron was very independent- however its good to know that this event really did change his life and he found true love. He now has a wife and a child.

Watch it, as its a powerful story that illustrates the Saturn principle. (It’s easy to cover your eyes at the gory moment near the end!)

Karma and  Saturn in Aquarius

Its important to look at Saturn in our birth charts as it holds the karmic key. On March 2020 it moved into Aquarius- another sign that is traditionally ruled by Saturn.

To understand this transit you need to know what part (house) of your chart is ruled by the sign of Aquarius.

A healing principle

During these years questioning and testing our beliefs will be all important. What is really true?

This transit will be requiring us all to look deep within to what we hold true. Integrity and walking our talk. And asking the same from leaders, mentors and teachers. In 2020 it joined Pluto which began a major planetary cycle.

Truth in Relationships

To move forward in our relationships commitment is essential. That means committing to the truth of the relationship. Each partner needs to be willing to communicate and both partners need to be heading in the same direction for a relationship to work. Saturn wants commitment.


“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too.

A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!’ attributed to Goethe

Completion and the Tarot

Saturn is connected with the tarot archetypes of The Hermit (The Guide), The Devil (Capricorn) and The World (Completion).

In our birth chart it’s our ego which aim is to delay us and keep us in fear. It creates blocks and chronic problems. It can show us how we compensate to cover up our fear of moving forward.

Saturn has an approx. 28 year orbit which divides roughly into four 7 year cycles. This is important as 7 is the number connected to spiritual truth and wisdom. The first Saturn return happens when we are 28-31 years old and is a crucial time in our lives.

Saturn governs the backbone in our body, so this is a time when we are meant to take on responsibilities and to stand on our own two feet. This happens through making major decisions such as getting married, buying a house, having a child, starting a business or taking on a leadership position and promotion in our career.

The next Saturn return is age 55-58 years old when we move into the spiritual time of our lives. Being of service and working for charity is a way of working constructively with Saturn’s energy.

Saturn in your birth chart- The Karmic Insight Report

Saturn eclipsing the sun, seen from behind from the Cassini orbiter. The color is exaggerated in this version. The image is a mosaic assembled from images taken by the Cassini spacecraft.

Self Mastery is one of Saturn’s key lessons. This best selling Karmic Insight Report gives concise information of Saturn, balanced with info on the Sun and Moon, your Major Life’s Lessons and the Gifts you have.

It provides an in-depth look into the soul’s intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime. Gina Ronco interprets the past life reverberations shown in the natal chart. The report clarifies lessons and goals recreated from the past for resolution in this life.

This succinct report concentrates on the planets that are most involved with karmic lessons:

  • The Moon carries unresolved past-life issues
  • The Sun represents the creative thrust of this life
  • Saturn, sometimes referred to as the planet of karma, shows your energetic blockages, weaknesses and fears.

It points to the areas of your life where the most concentrated effort and discipline will be required. If you do the work these will become your areas of greatest strength.

The Karmic insight report also discusses struggles (major hard aspects) and gifts and strengths (major soft aspects) brought forward from past lives.

“From an esoteric point of view your birth chart is a portrait of your soul’s intention for this lifetime, the lessons to be learned, qualities to develop, problems to be resolved, service to be rendered.  From that perspective, the choices one makes in one’s daily life have reverberations that may last beyond even this lifetime.

This report is written to help you clarify your lessons and goals, illuminate your struggles, and encourage you to move in the direction of your true purposes.”

“Karmically considered, the placement of Saturn in your birth chart indicates where your energetic blockages, weaknesses and fears lie, and the areas of your life where the most concentrated effort and discipline will be required to master and overcome them.

Yet it also points to the aspects of life which can become your greatest strength if you are willing to face your fears and difficulties honestly, and work with them patiently.”

If you are going through your Saturn return (age 28-31 years, or 55-58 years) then this report is especially useful. Every 7 years Saturn will be triggered, so key ages in your life are 7, 14, 21 and 28, then multiples of 7 thereafter.

“I loved the Karmic report – I was in tears reading for the first time as I felt so recognised. Amazing.” Sheila Jacobs

“I found the report so insightful, helpful and spoke to me in such a way it reached the very heart of me. I found it really helpful and accurate and have emailed on to quite a few people inviting them to buy one from you.” Ruth

Karmic Insight Report to buy
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