Astro Coaching- Shifting Karmic Patterns

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If you need help shifting karmic patterns then Transformational Coaching is the answer.

The issues that are trapping you are rooted in the past and are the source of present day problems.Old wounds and heartbreaks need healing, especially those wounds we encountered in our family of birth. In her coaching Pam explores these issues with clients as they can often be seen in the birth chart in relationship to the Moon and the karmic axis. Chiron, the archetype of the Wounded Healer along with Saturn are two key planets to understand. 

If your answer is yes, then a coaching session- or a series- with Pam using process cards can help. She works with the  Psychology of Vision Triangle model by Chuck and Lency Spezzano.

This is a road map of key issues you’ll be facing at any one time. The coaching is to support you transform soul patterns to embrace your soul level gifts. The unconscious mind is the soul mind, the original mind, the deep mind. This is the mythical mind used in archetypes, symbols and magic. Typically we cover this over age 7 through fear as we have no emotional defense. Astrologically this is the age when have the first Saturn square.

Your soul story is what you have brought in from a prior lifetime. As a Soul Astrologer Pam can reveal it to you by her insightful interpretation of your astrological birth chart, with a focus on the 12th house and the karmic axis in your birth chart.

Pam will help you explore the reasons that are stopping you from moving forward in your life right now.

The problems in the present are rooted deeply in the past. We may have brought them in from a prior life. Because they are unconscious they are difficult to access on our own.

This coaching is transformational and after just 3 sessions you will notice the effect in your life.

Pam knows about transition, as she completely changed her career at mid-life from Art Director to Spiritual Coach, Astrologer and Healer. Her work is based on A Course in Miracles and the principles of Psychology of Vision  founded by visionaries Chuck and Lency Spezzano.

The Unconscious

ancestral problem card
Ancestral Problem from The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano

If you feel stuck and can’t seem to move forward in your life – no matter how many positive affirmations you make – it’s likely that the root of your issue is buried in the unconscious part of your mind.

This is the part of our mind that is most creative and it responds to metaphors, symbols and mythic stories.

Pam coaches you to transform your life so you can reconnect with your vision and live your dream. She works in a highly intuitive and creative style which is suited to those on a spiritual path.

Pam’s clients feel renewed, inspired and back on track with their creativity and vision.

How the Coaching Works- Healing Where you Lost Power

Pam uses her insights from your astrological birth chart with the healing principles of the ground breaking Psychology of Vision model. This model is based on ‘A Course in Miracles’ and is a marriage of psychology and spirituality.

The aim is to heal your Timeline to transform your life.

Each time we have a shock or trauma in our life we lose energy. Those times when we have been betrayed, ridiculed or had our heart broken, can have a lasting effect on how confident and successful we are in both work and relationships. These are times when we lost power, our connection to our centre, our Source.

Finding those places and healing the original incidents, is a core part of her coaching.  Pam is very skilled and well known for her intuitive abilities.

This transformational coaching aims to uncover the unconscious patterns that are responsible for all the negative stories in your life. Pam recommends a series of six sessions which allow for the deepest patterns to emerge and be healed. Six is the number that represents success and the Harvest.

The Significance of Numbers for Healing your Past

The events in the first 10 years of your life set up patterns that can be affecting you now! Numbers are very symbolic and give us valuable information about our current day issues, according to Chuck Spezzano, co-founder of Psychology of Vision.

When we experience painful emotional or physical situations in our childhood they can be buried and long forgotten, or just put down to ‘that’s just what happened’.

However, we may find that we keep getting stuck in our lives – or that things go wrong after a certain time. For example – that our relationships go sour after 6 years or 6 months.

Numbers can reveal the pattern and help us get to the source of our problems. When we understand the pattern we can heal it. Awareness is all important.

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On a Deeper Level

With any trauma that occurs in the womb, the month in which the trauma occurs is symbolically significant. Events that occur between conception and birth are different from those that take place later, in that they reflect the unconscious and ancestral issues that were present at conception.

We might not know consciously what these events were, but the astrological chart can often indicate that something occurred.

There is also a very simple process that can be used to find out. It’s an intuitive process which bypasses the logical brain with the question “If you were to know what happened it was something like…”

The story that comes from this process reveals what is holding you back from success and happiness.

Chuck Spezzano co-founder of Psychology of Vision says:

“The age at which a trauma occurs is significant and can give a deeper understanding of the process underlying that trauma. Our age provides clues as to what general issues we were facing at the time and why it happened then.”

Pam has been using this technique in her coaching and workshops for over 19 years, and has found it be of enormous help to clients and participants. Past lives, ancestral problems and events in the womb are all stories that – once healed – will shift a huge amount of energy that is needed to help you in fulfilling your purpose.

Transformational  Astro Coaching helps you:-

  • Get to the root of your problems, by accessing your unconscious and your Higher Mind, which has all the answers.
  • Find out what is holding you back in your life and transform it.
  • Work through your issues effectively and gracefully.
  • Receive insights that traditional therapy can take years to discover by using the insights from your astrological birth chart.
  • Heal traumas that may be long forgotten, but are the reason things go wrong.
  • Improve your confidence, have better communication and more successful relationships.
  • Reclaim your Power

If you want to change your life and get to the root of your patterns then a series of  Astro Coaching sessions based on your personal astrology birth chart offers lasting solutions.

To Work with Pam

Email Pam to arrange a free 10 minute chat to see if she’s the right person for you to work with. The coaching is with an online service called Zoom. You can book one session for £108 which can toward the series if you want to go deeper.

Contact Healing Stars

A Course of 6 Coaching Sessions £600. All sessions are one and half hours and are recorded in video.  Pam guides you through 6 sessions that work at a deep level exploring the unconscious and your visionary soul gifts.

They encompass prebirth (in the womb), the first 10 years of your life, past life story, your current issues and soul purpose.


“Working with Pam is life-affirming. She has the amazing talent of getting to the heart of any troubling matter. Her kindness and compassion are deeply infused in her unique offering and in subtle and profound ways the breakthroughs occur. I highly recommend attending one of unique workshops or booking a 1:1 coaching session. You will never look back but will move forward with the knowledge that the ancient art of astrology both Western and Vedic really does transform your life under her guidance.” Julia

“Since my partner has done work with you, our relationship has improved phenomenally. Your coaching with me is truly transformational ” Mike, father of 3.

“Pam was able to pinpoint the cause of my work problem within minutes, linking it to a childhood dynamic, which, once cleared, enabled me to go back in to the office feeling much calmer and able to engage effectively again. I would recommend her without hesitation.” Nicola, Healer

“Pam and I set out on a Life Coaching journey. Always ready to listen and explain, she enabled me to make subtle shifts in the way I saw things in my life, past and present, so that I didn’t have to keep going down the same well worn, weary roads – it was OK to change and see things differently.

There was no pressure in the process, it was all my choice, often my own words. The changes just flowed and (initially to my amazement) they held. At first I fully expected old feelings, uncertainties, patterns to re-emerge – but they didn’t. So after a time I just accepted that we could talk through a difficulty and that it would be resolved – this wasn’t an overlay – I could search deep inside and know the difference was true and secure.

It had been quite a decision to make this investment in myself – to value myself enough – but once I got that hurdle out of the way, I can honestly say there wasn’t a single session with Pam when I didn’t come away feeling lighter and happier. Yes, you can read self-help books – and I have – loads of them – but the interaction with Pam as an inspired, insightful guide was worth a library!” Ann Russell

“Thank you for another very insightful session. I have been working on healing myself for ten years now – various methods – and the work I have done with you has drawn this together and added a completely different dimension.

The astrological aspects really help me to make sense of what is going on – and to have them interpreted by someone who has such a comprehensive understanding about spiritual and psychological and spiritual aspects is such a revelation! It is amazing how safe and intimate telephone counseling is with you – so huge thanks.” Pat Clay, Hypnotherapist

“I am amazed within the short space of time of coaching with Pam how I feel so much clearer and focused on my own path of healing. Pam very quickly supported me and helped me dive into myself to find out what was blocking me from moving forward.

Pam has an incredible calmness with her coaching with the added expertise of astrological knowledge and she was able to guide me to a brighter, successful and balanced future. Having been wounded myself in the past, I have started to remember my true qualities and inner strength and amazed at how and why I have given my power away in the past.

Being a Scorpio myself I enjoy the more in depth style of coaching and very intrigued to know the meaning behind the planetary system and I have found the whole experience fascinating. One truly amazing and uplifting experience I feel I have a whole new lease of life and clearer understanding of my patterns and my healing journey which helps me to truly to commit to my soul purpose. Thank you my healing star!” Rachel Perris. Life Coach, Carnelian Coaching 

Pam Carruthers is a Qualified Coach and Trainer

Pam has over 29 years of experience working with clients one to one and facilitating groups and workshops. She offers inspirational and creative coaching at its best for a very reasonable fee. She has been trained by the leading Visionary Trainers in the world – Chuck and Lency Spezzano and works with the spiritual principles of Psychology of Vision and A Course in Miracles.