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lunar return report

Attune to Your Monthly Cycle with this Lunar Return Report

lunar return report

This Lunar Return Report can tell you the ebb and flow of your emotional life in the following month.

We all know how the Moon influences the tides on earth.

In astrology the moon represents our emotions, moods and habits. Knowing your Moon sign, and those of family and close friends can really help in your understanding.

Each month the Moon returns to the exact position that it had when you were born but other factors change.

This report delves into the effect of the Moon on your life as it cycles through your Horoscope. It can tell you the ebb and flow of your emotional life in the following month.

The Lunar Return chart tells a story for a month.

The Moon is said to be a strong influence on your emotions and mood. Its placement in your Lunar Return Chart reveals much about how you are affected during the phase of its influence.

The Moon in its House shows the area of life that is pre-occupying you most during the month, where you are likely to be seeking emotional satisfaction. The other Planets also influence how easily you are likely to achieve that emotional satisfaction.

This Monthly Cycle Lunar Return Report includes:

  • An Introduction to Lunar Returns explaining the concept of a monthly forecast chart.
  • Your natal Moon sign’s qualities.
  • Your Temperament during the Month (Moon in House, Aspects to Moon).
  • Your Emotional Satisfaction during the Month (the Ascendant).
  • Turning Points during the Month (Angular Planets – you can set the orbs)
  • Your Vitality during the Month (Sun in House, Sun in Sign, Aspects to Sun)
  • Your Communication Needs during the month (Mercury in House)
  • Your Drive and Determination during the month (Mars in House, Saturn in House)
  • Your Social Needs during the month (Venus in House, Jupiter in House)

Author: Stephanie Johnson. This is a Western Astrology Report.

Average report length: 20 pages with beautiful illustrations.

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