Vedic Relationship Report

Krishna and Radha
Krishna and Radha

Do you want to know the long term prospects of your romantic relationship?

What are the pitfalls to look out for? This unique report talks about how much respect, mutual attraction and purpose two people have.

It determines if people have a good foundation together. It covers areas such as Respect, Wavelength, Obstacles, Misfortune and Assertive Pressure. If the five important measurements are all good, then the foundation is solid.

Here’s what the author Ernst Wilhelm has to say about some of the areas in relationships:-


In any relationship it is respect that is most important. Love is said to, “flourish in the soil of mutual respect.” When any two people get together there is a particular flow between them.

If it flows well, both people feel respected, cared for and loved. If it does not flow well, both people fell disrespected, incompetent and frustrated. Men and women tend to feel loved for different things and thus need to be respected in different ways.

Men feel most loved when respected and when they are appreciated for what they do. Women feel most loved when their feelings are respected and when they are appreciated for who they are.


For a relationship to be smooth, efficient and nurturing the couple has to be on the same wavelength. They must have mutual needs so that they can share in the fulfillment of those needs and they must have an innate ability to understand each other.


A primary ingredient for any good relationship is the affinity of friendship. Friends are discovered in the places we like and in the things that we like to do, so in a relationship, friendship makes two people want to do things together. Also, in any relationship, people need to treat each other in a friendly way, especially during difficult times.

Instinctive Compatibility

Each person has an instinctive nature that they rely upon in intense situations when all recourse has left them. This instinctive nature is usually resorted to in crisis situations and in situations when a person has to do something, but does not know what to do.

Innate Sense of Purpose

If the sense of purpose is not there and if your reasons for being together are superficial, then you may well find yourself one day wondering why you are together.


Obstacles can be overcome so that you can be together. In any relationship so much has to happen for two people to completely be together.

While the Moon represents a person’s nature and consciousness, Mars is the planet through which we assert what is in our mind and heart. For two people to have a harmonious relationship, not only must they have an innate attunement towards each other, they must also assert themselves equally, or else the relationship will become imbalanced and frustrated.

Average report length: 7 pages.


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