Astrological Significance of the Eclipses 2013

eclipse of the sun
Solar Eclipse

The Eclipses 2013 are extra potent New or Full Moons!

A Solar Eclipse usually occurs twice a year at a New Moon, so it shows the completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

Solar eclipse energy lasts for 6 months and those degrees are ultra sensitive. They are important for world events, which is known as Mundane astrology.

Eclipses signal what we need to change, they are a rebirth.

They affect us personally if we have a planet at within 2 degrees of the eclipse. If your birthday is within two days of these eclipses it will be an important year ahead with major life changes.

The eclipses in 2013 are in the signs of Scorpio (north node) and Taurus (south node).

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, planets of passion and power.

It contrasts vividly with the earthy Venusian energy of Taurus. Taurus holds on, Scorpio is the sign of letting go.

If  you have a planet or angle at the same degree as an eclipse, it will also mean a big change in that area of your life.

Change isn’t always a bad thing!

Big events can occur in our lives, such as the birth of a baby, a marriage or change of home or career. Notice what house in your birth chart this eclipse takes place because those aspects of your life are apt to change.

According to renowned astrologer Stephanie Austin:-

“The eclipse realigns the earth’s electromagnetic field and our own individual energy field. Eclipses function to delete old programmes and upload new templates. They mark the ending of a 19 year cycle and the beginning of a new direction.”

Eclipses stimulate the pineal gland, the ‘seat of our soul’ and the Third Eye. This is our inner vision and creativity. They facilitate awakening and awakening of our soul’s blueprint.”

Solar Eclipse

At a Solar eclipse the Sun is momentarily obscured and we feel ‘in the dark’ and lost.

As the light of the Sun is gone, it’s as if the light of our consciousness has been extinguished.

As far back as the 4th century BC Babylonian seers knew that eclipses were part of a much larger cycle lasting thousands of years.

The eclipses in October and November 2013 are part of the 16 North Saros series, according to Bernadette Brady in The Eagle and the Lark.

The dates of the series are 1905, 1923, 1941, 1959, 1977, 1995. If you were born in those years this eclipse is of particular importance to you.

She writes:-

“A gentle family of eclipses which brings a sense of inspiration  of ideas. A sudden release of material from the unconscious which brings with it a great deal of insight. These ideas are good and the individual would be wise to act upon them.”

lunar eclipse
At a lunar eclipse the Moon appears to be red

Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipses affect the mind and the emotions. Our peace of mind is disturbed. Be aware not to make long term decisions on the lunar eclipse dates, because the mind isn’t clear. But it’s a good time to do inner work, to meditate and reflect.

2013 Eclipse Dates

Apr 25: Partial Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Scorpio
May 10: Annular Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus
May 25: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 4 degrees Sagittarius
Oct 18: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Aries
Nov 03: Hybrid Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio

Vedic View

In Vedic astrology the north and south nodes of the moon are called Rahu and Ketu and are known as shadow planets. They form when the earth moves into position in relationship to the sun and moon, and casts a shadow. They can block out the light of the Sun or Moon.

When an eclipse is next to Ketu which is a spiritual energy, it can indicate access to past life and occult knowledge. Vedic astrologer Christina Collins says that the recommendation during eclipses is to do sadhana (spiritual practices as a goal towards realization), and meditate.


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Solar Eclipse Nov 3rd 2013 set for London UK
Solar Eclipse Nov 3rd 2013 set for London UK


The November Solar Eclipse is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio-a powerful time for us all to commit to our purpose. However the ego fears change, so can keep us stuck.

There are conflicting opinions about the meaning of the North Node and South Node. Pam will explain these differences.

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Author Stephanie Johnson writes:-

“The North Node and South Node form an axis in astrology, which is said to represent one’s destiny or spiritual quest in life.

This axis is also linked with our purpose.

The North Node points to a key lesson in our lives. It represents new experiences towards which we must aim during this life. We have already learnt the skills of its opposite point, the South Node, in the past. Now we must grow and stretch ourselves through the North Node.”


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