FREE MasterClass: Venus Reborn in Leo- Reclaim Your Feminine Power

An Illustrated Presentation by Soul Astrologer Pam Carruthers

Venus is now invisible in the sky. (From July 24th until 5th September 2019) This is symbolic of being in the ‘Underworld’. Venus represents our passion, our beauty, what we love and value. Venus in our birth chart shows how much we value ourselves and therefore how much money we earn.

What do you feel you are worth?

From 24th July Venus was invisible and said to be in the Underworld. You are strongly connected to Venus if you have planets in Taurus or Libra. This is a 6 week transit.

  • Have you felt isolated?
  • Feel the need to withdraw and stay home?
  • Lacking sufficient connection with others?
  • Unsure of your true worth?

Then you are sensitive to the energy of Venus.

On 14th August Venus joins the Sun in Leo activating the Archetype of The Queen and Feminine Leadership and Power.

Then on 5th September Venus reappears from the Underworld as an Evening Star.

This is a rebirth of Venus as she regains her power through the coming months as Queen of Heaven.

The reason being that in Shamanic astrology the cycle of Venus connects us with the Sumerian myth of Inanna, the Queen of Heaven. She descends into the Underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigal to witness the funeral of Ereshkigal’s husband. This is an act of hubris.

Inanna is stripped of her power and her vestments at 7 Gates and then killed. These 7 Gates connect to the 7 chakras. This is Venus as a Morning Star and started on December 3rd 2018 until July 1st 2019 when The Moon and Venus met once a month while Venus was visible.

On this MasterClass discover:-

  • The Myth of Inanna in Shamanic Astrology and its connection to the Venus synodic cycle.
  • Understanding Venus as a Morning Star or Evening Star-which one are you and what does it mean?
  • The Gates of Initiation and the 7 Chakras.
  • Key dates for the Rituals when the Moon and Venus join in 2019.

Now its time to shine, to show your talents to the world! Time to wholly embrace your passion and your Queen Archetype.

So my question is- What’s holding you back?

Join my Venus Reborn MasterClass to find out more.

Date Sunday 11th August at 5pm BST. Best time if you are in the US and Canada.That’s Midday EST and 9am PST.
Aug 11th FREE MasterClass: Venus Reborn in Leo- Reclaiming Feminine Power
I’d love to see you there!

PS Please sign up even if you can’t attend, that way you’ll get the recording. However for those who attend live I will be answering questions.