FREE MasterClass: Venus Reborn- Reclaiming Feminine Power

Venus and the Shamanic Cycle of Aries.

Venus has been invisible in the sky. (From November 30th 2017 to February 19th 2018) This is symbolic of being in the ‘Underworld’. Venus represents our passion, our beauty, what we love and value. Venus in our birth chart shows how much we value ourselves and therefore how much money we earn.

What do you feel you are worth?

If you are strongly influenced by Venus-ie. you have planets in Taurus or Libra, then you too may have felt invisible.

  • Have you felt isolated?
  • Misunderstood?
  • Lacking sufficient connection with others?
  • Distant from friends and family?

Then you are sensitive to the energy of Venus.

Venus entered the ‘Shamanic Overtone’ of Aries on April 1st 2017. This is the archetype of the Warrioress, and we are now seeing it come into full prominence. Venus is now empowered and rises higher in the night sky and gains in strength each month marked by the Moon Venus conjunctions.

This signals the rise of feminine power and leadership for the rest of 2018.

Venus Reborn: Reclaiming Your Feminine Power

Join my Venus Reborn MasterClass to find out more and discover:-

  • Understanding the Venus Shamanic Cycle.
  • Exploring the Aries Warrioress Archetype and its shadow.
  • The 5 Shamanic Overtone Goddess Archetypes- Which Tribe do you belong to?
  • The Sumerian myth of Inanna Queen of Heaven and her Shadow.
  • Venus Synodic Cycle from Morning Star to Evening Star.
  • Key dates for Rituals when Venus joins the Moon in 2018- The Gates of Initiation and the 7 Chakras.

Now its time to shine, to show your talents to the world! Time to wholly embrace your passion and your Warrioress Archetype.

So my question is- What’s holding you back?

I will holding a webinar on this Venus cycle with new content ‘Venus Reborn: Reclaiming Feminine Power’ on February 22nd at 7.30pm GMT.
2.30pm EST and 11.30am PST.

I’d love to see you there!

PS Please sign up even if you can’t attend, that way you’ll get the recording. However for those who attend live I will be answering questions.

Register for the FREE Venus MasterClass on February 22nd


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