Free MasterClass Your Solar Return and Guidance for the Year Ahead

Guidance for the Year Ahead using astrology’s best kept secrets!

If you are struggling to find a theme for the year ahead for your business or personal life, then I can help.

Using the Solar Return chart along with your age tells you what your guardian angel-the planet/archetype that is in focus for your year ahead. This special guiding planet for your birthday year, is known as a time lord.

This Time Lord repeats every 12 years, however the Solar Return chart is always unique.

For example, if the sign for your year is Leo, ruled by the Sun, then it’s a year for leadership and creativity.

If its Gemini, ruled by Mercury then its a year to write that book or get busy with launching or refining your website. Networking with like minds is also excellent.

I can then tell you what months are best for being visible, and what months are best for some rest/holiday or retreat. I will be giving examples of some famous people-yes- including Prince Harry!

I am giving a FREE MasterClass on this subject. I will explain the ages and what they represent. If you have your birth chart it will really help you understand this technique. I use whole signs for the best results rather than the Placidus house system.

You’ll learn how important your birthday and your age is, and how this shapes your mindset, mood and levels of motivation for the year ahead.

You’ll be encouraged to apply the cycles and techniques you learn to your chart. Or, of course you can book a special session with me!

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Need a Birth Chart?

I offer a bespoke birth chart that is compiled by hand. For just £6 you get a chart using whole signs with abbreviations rather than glyphs.
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