Busting Through Fear

Fear card from ‘The Enlightenment Pack’ by Chuck Spezzano

Fear is at the heart of every problem.

I would venture to suggest that fear is the biggest problem that the world- and business – is facing right now. Therefore busting through fear is essential.

When we are in fear we are off our centres and make poor decisions coming from survival.

We have lost our vision and our faith in a positive future.

Fear is a really negative emotion and is contagious. Have you ever been in a crowd when there is fear?

Fear is the work of the ego which can come up with thousands of good reasons to be fearful – fear of chronic pain, fear of death, fear of homelessness, fear of insanity, to name but a few.

Chuck Spezzano PHd has named over 40 fears, but some of the most surprising he discovered (in his 30 years of working with thousands of participants from all over the world) are the fears of greatness, happiness and of having it all.

This is excerpted from one of his books :-

All fear is fear of the Next Step

  • Fear of the next step comes from a lack of confidence, a loss of faith and fear of the unknown. This fear is generated from an unhealed past that we project onto the future, expecting it to be as painful as the past.
  • There is also the fear of loss. We see the next step as one in which we will lose something vital if we were to move into a new level of success.
  • Our fear comes from our thoughts and our beliefs. These are are static, continuous thoughts, that can become obsessive.
  • Our thoughts create form, and build the world we see. Our thoughts are either heading us toward life and happiness or moving us toward suffering and death. The outer world we live in is really a movie we project on it. It is a reflection of our mind.
  • The way to heal the fear is to change the fear thoughts and negative beliefs. To do this we must first become aware of the negative thoughts we have created. As the ego is clever it will try its hardest to keep us blind in this area. There are stories we are telling that have been buried deep in our unconscious.

Busting free from fear with positive denial

There’s a scene in The Matrix where Neo realizes his true power. He holds up his hand and says “No” with clear authority and the bullets, like rain, drop to the ground.

(Watch this movie, it is dark and disturbing, but it is brilliant in conception as it describes ‘awakening’ and how life on this planet is just a hologram.)

Make the choice to not attack yourself any more with these fear thoughts. At least five times today, for 2 minutes each time, reflect on the problem you wish to resolve.

Choose one of the following and state as specifically as possible:

In the situation regarding _________what I am afraid, worried or concerned will happen is ___________

What I do not want to happen is __________________________

After each thought comes up, say one of the following:

This thought is a direct attack on my confidence, my safety, my success and on myself.
This thought is generating my problem.
This thought keeps me from moving forward.

You will notice that after 5 or 6 times of doing this 2 minute exercise some very significant fear or self-attack thoughts will surface. At the end of each 2 minute section use the power of your mind and the healing principe of positive denial and state:

I no longer want to keep attacking myself like this. What I really want is ______

To further make this point in a highly humourous way, take a look at this classic from comedian Bob Newhart

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Q  If you were to know: When did you decide to have this problem?
Q  What has it allowed you to do?
Q  What has it allowed you not to do?

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