Manifesting Your Vision Workshop 2024

Manifesting Your Vision with the Power of the Stars

Join us for this One Day Healing Workshop Saturday 13th January 2024

The focus of this One Day Workshop is to assist you in removing the unconscious blocks that prevent you from living a life of abundance and success in all areas of your life- love, relationships, money, friends, clients.

My mentor Chuck Spezzano says that “unless we are living a joyful, loving and creative adventure, we are living a life dictated by the past and its needs. Vision is a state in which the positive future dictates the present moment.

Vision is an act of receiving then giving, and so essentially an act of love. It allows us to see the way through seemingly impossible situations.”

This workshop will support you in uncovering the traps which are buried in the unconscious.

What’s Your Vision for Abundance and Success in 2024?

What’s your vision? Are you a spiritual healer, a visionary artist or do you have psychic gifts? Do you believe in magic and the power of miracles?

In the work I do I know that once we step into our vision all kinds of deep unconscious issues can stop us in our tracks. This workshop will support you to uncover and heal these issues and take the next step in your life.

My belief is that when we are in a heart space and being witnessed in a group, the act of manifesting is far more effective than trying to go it alone.

My healing workshops are timed to work with the key portals of the year to heal at a deep level.

This workshop is timed to coincide with such a time.

Create your Wish List with Capricorn New Moon Magic

It’s the perfect day  for manifesting, just 2 days after the first New Moon of 2024 in the earth sign of Capricorn.

Writing down what you want to manifest up to 48 hours after a New Moon is ideal so this workshop is in this portal.

This New Moon sees Mars in Capricorn trining with Jupiter in Taurus. This only happens every 12 years!

Abundance is connected to our creativity, our second chakra. When we’re in the flow abundance comes to us naturally. It’s our birthright.

However for so many of us we’ve had times in our lives when we lost trust in The Universe and our belief that we could have it all.

We stopped believing we could be successful and abundant.

This workshop will help you with identifying the places where you lost trust and your faith in yourself as a creator. When you heal the unfinished business of the past,  you can fully embrace your soul’s purpose to be happy and abundant.

Are you in sacrifice and find it easy to give, but difficult to receive?

Are you stuck and want to reconnect with your vision and creativity?

Would you like to clear the blocks to greater success and achieve so much more?

If so then book now £88 with the bonuses.

BONUSES Worth £60
Karmic Insight Report, the Goddess Report and Just for Women Report.

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The Content of The Workshop

You’ll be participating in group rituals and tuning into your body.  The workshop space is sacred and as we gather as a group we empower each other. The healing rituals are kinesthetic, so as you participate and move, you can change your timeline. Pam works intuitively and will facilitate group processes and meditations to help you to manifest your vision and create abundance on your life. They will include:-

  • At the Crossroads- the Power of Choice and Changing Beliefs
  • Learning the significance of numbers and your age when you lost trust.
  • Letting Go  of 2023 Process.
  • Aura-Soma Colour and Healing Your Timeline
  • Invoking Miracle Mindedness and making your Wish list. Pam will laminate this for you to take away for you to use for a simple daily ritual.

7 Good Reasons to attend this workshop:

  1. You’ll win your heart back and reclaim your power.
  2. You’ll learn about the relevance of age and understand how major problems that keep repeating are holding you back.
  3. You’ll have more energy, be more alive and available. As a result your relationships will be happier and more successful.
  4. You’ll be supported. Pam’s workshops bring out the compassion and gifts in people. The results are always unique to each group, but the bonding and trust that develops between participants is rewarding and exhilarating.
  5. You’ll feel lighter. People feel and often look years younger afterwards, as years of stress are shed and burdens lifted.
  6. It will save you time. A workshop accelerates your personal growth. Being in a group allows you to make breakthroughs that can take years to access on your own.
  7. You hear the call of your soul. You want to work at a deep level. You know that it’s vital for the world’s sake and for the sake of the ones you love, to look within and heal your wounds and heartbreaks.

With that intention in mind, I invite you to join us on this One day Manifesting Your Vision Healing Workshop.

Book now just £88 to include the bonuses.

BONUSES worth £60:
Karmic Insight Report, the Goddess Report and Just for Women Report.
Pay via secure payment with Paypal.

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VENUE: Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove TIME 10.30am start until 5pm.

Stained GlassWith its beautiful stained glass of the 4 disciples-which are the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac, The Cornerstone Community Centre is located at the West end of  St John the Baptist Church, Church Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2FL.

It’s on a major bus route along Church Road between Hove and Churchill Square, Brighton (buses 1, 2, 5, 6, 25 and 49) and a 10 minutes walk from Hove train station. Parking is on-street ‘Pay & Display’.

Where to Stay? The website offers many reasonably priced rooms to stay in Brighton or Hove. Please bear in mind when you book a room that Brighton and Hove charges for parking at weekends-some roads are only free from 8pm-8am.

Nearest stations: Brighton or Hove. If you’re coming from London Victoria take the 8.35am train to arrive at Brighton at 9.48am. Then catch a taxi or the no 6 bus. Or catch the 8.46am train to arrive at Hove at 9.53am. Catch a taxi or walk as it’s just 10 minutes away.

“TESTIMONIAL: “I have worked with Pam for a couple of years now and have attended many of her workshops.

Pam’s clever use of combining Aura-Soma, astrological insight and the powerful model of Psychology of Vision makes for healing so profound that it’s hard to put into words.  The gift of being in a space with like minded souls who all come together at the same time to create change is so powerful and unique.  Every process that takes place touches your heart and soul.  My own process took me on a journey of reconnecting to God and magical things have been happening since.

Pam is an excellent facilitator, gracious with her knowledge and insight and always works intuitively and sensitively to support each and every person in her space.

If you’ve been drawn to Pam’s workshops but have been resisting for whatever reason, then I urge you to listen to your soul’s calling and reclaim your Innocence and True Self. Because you’re worth it. Sharon”

Pam has been facilitating workshops since 2001.

Your Trainer: Pam Carruthers is an experienced trainer, spiritual coach and healer. Her workshops are a unique synergy of the healing spiritual tools that Pam has worked with for the last 20 years. She blends astrology and her knowledge of colour, chakras and archetypes with the healing spiritual principles from Psychology of Vision and A Course in Miracles. Pam is a qualified professional astrologer, trained in Aura-Soma and an NLP Practitioner.

Book Now £88

Pay via secure payment with Paypal.

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