Workshop Testimonials with Pam Carruthers

“I attended Pam’s workshop very unsure as to what to expect as I had never explored any aspect of astrology. Throughout the weekend I was consistently surprised and delighted with the content and the facilitation. It was enormous fun, profoundly deep and rich and rewarding.

As a workshop facilitator myself I really valued Pam’s light touch which comes from inner authority and a wealth of experience. I  have heartily recommended this course to anyone.” Andrew Wallas

“The weekend was fun, enlightening, expanding, uplifting and yet grounded and very practical. I could not recommend it more highly and Pam is talented, knowledgeable, honest and fun.” Pete

“Pam went straight for my core issue during the workshop. She has an amazing insight and interpreted my birth chart in an original and perceptive way helping me to address relationship issues that all my healing and personal development skills have been unable to clear. The workshop experience was interesting and stimulating – so much better than I had expected.” Ian W

“Here’s a huge vote of thanks for your support and guidance throughout a ground-breaking weekend. My wife and I have come a way with a new vision of how we can take ourselves and our relationship forward.” Nick

“Absolutely mind blowing! A rare combination of esoteric knowledge and raw emotional power. Pam truly delivers! I’m simply not the same person! Pam is the Queen of Transformation!” Michael

“I have found this to be the most powerful Psychology of Vision workshop that I have done so far. The way that Pam combines astrology and intuition with this healing technique makes sure that you cannot escape from things you would like on some level to keep hidden. The astrology maps the way and the Psychology of Vision principles transforms them into gifts” Ursula

“I am feeling really peaceful and happy today so I wanted to thank you for this weekend. I felt really touched by your generosity and everyone’s stories and trust in the group. You made me realise that I have gifts which I need to treasure and that a lot of them come from my mother whom I now feel a more positive connection with. Thank you for leading the workshop with such grace, humour and insight. You truly are an inspiration.” Nadege

“Thank you again, very much, for a truly wonderful and memorable weekend. My process went a big step further for me than other work I’ve done and really got to the core of what’s been messing me up. And it was strange but great, a relief to finally not be allowed to get away with my usual pantomimes and evasive manoeuvres! It was very helpful that you could feel that I went unconscious during my process as an avoiding mechanism, which I’ve done many times in my life, but with the support from you and the group I was able to really engage and make use of the perfectly created opportunity to release some old stuff  is such a relief!”  Judith B

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for an excellent weekend. It was a lovely group and very fascinating. I learnt a lot and it was extremely useful. The whole process has given me more confidence to follow my heart.” Stevi S 

“We don’t service our car once, then congratulate ourselves on a job well done and leave it till it falls apart, but we have a tendency to do that with our spirits. A HUGE shift has taken place. I now have the head space to create and meet my next set of goals. Heaven! Pam’s strength, guidance and delicious sense of humour provides a safe and energetic environment, just perfect for our spiritual tune up!” Philippa

“Thank you so much for a very enlightening two days. You were so generous with your time and I really appreciated that. You have really helped my family. Thank you so much.” Sue

“The workshop really helped me clarify, clear up and move on from some really deep issues. I found it to be amazingly powerful and applicable on many different fronts. Fantastic.” Lennie

“It was an amazing weekend. I am enjoying a lighter footstep and welcoming my carefree child back into my life!” Dave

“You and your work have given me lots of energy and insight to transform myself. I feel I am a child of God, really very lucky to have you be with me.” Chia-Wen

“I got so much out of the workshop I can’t begin to tell you, it would blow your mind! I broke through some difficulties and it touched on some important subjects, and I felt really safe and supported.” Mary W

“Thank you for another connected training. I got so much out of it. I knew in my soul to come, though my mind was busy suggesting not to. I feel different. It is a unique and flowing experience to be reunited with my true self. I notice my responses and even the way I think is different to before. Thank you Pam.” Roberta K

“The workshop was magical. Your professional skills combined with love and intuition created a safe and supportive space which enabled me to change. I laughed and cried and the next day took a leap forward. And things are still changing now. Thank you.” Ann G

“I really enjoyed the workshop, the experience has enabled me to move on in an area of my life, for which I am grateful. Pam was wonderful, caring and understanding and a brilliant facilitator. I cannot think of anything that would have improved it, it was magical.” Linda

“I attended the workshop with Pam ‘Reclaim Your Power and Your Passion’ and have since experienced a significant positive shift in my life and business. Results from the workshop were almost instant. I returned home to find my twin had phoned and left a message, (the first contact for nearly two months); my energy levels improved; and I had new business clients phoning every day for the next week! Thank you so much for your insight and caring facilitation. You offer something very special and unique.” Penny B

“I thought you were inspired on the workshop! You were insightful, flexible, caring and creative (and lots more besides!) Thank you for holding us and helping us all to learn and heal. There was a special energy, great attention given and a sense of integrity. Well played and thank you!” Richard Farr

“Pam’s style of facilitation was so inclusive we couldn’t help but sense the love between us all.” Val

“The workshop gave me a great deal- feelings of connection, affirmation and love. A much greater understanding of father and the true masculine.” Alan M

“I came away feeling very centered, connected from shifting more stuff.” Valerie H

“I got so much out of the workshop I can’t begin to tell you, it would blow your mind! I broke through some difficulties and it touched on some important subjects, and I felt really safe and supported.” Miriam W

“The workshop was an amazing experience for me. Every process was a gift to me. I still feel very inspired and energised.” Ellen J

“Pam’s ability to give love and compassion gave me the strength to go to my core fears. She has an amazing gifts to bring and gives to all.” Lorna P