July 1st 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse and the Divine Feminine

Mary as Sophia, Queen of Heaven

At this eclipse the Sun and Moon will be at 9 degrees of Cancer, the archetypal Mother. Its making an exact square to Saturn, Lord of Karma.

Venus will be at 26 degrees Gemini and is conjunct the south node and exactly opposite the Galactic Centre. Its governed by Mercury in Cancer so the message is coming from the feminine aspect of our being.

We are being asked to listen to the messages that this powerful Galactic Centre is emitting, and release and heal old ancestral stories, and patterns of sacrifice and keeping small.

The eclipses began on Saturday June 1st and have been occurring over a month. This New Moon sets in motion the planetary pattern called the Cosmic Cross which was activated last June 2010.

This is a major event and one that is part of the process known as The Awakening, a wake up call to the planet that will have far reaching effect. It affects the 4 cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – and that’s a huge group of people.

This focuses us on the Sol/Luna relationship- the balance of the masculine and feminine polarity.

Soul Patterns

I truly believe that by each one of us healing our soul patterns, we will effect a change in the fabric of our destiny as a planet. “As above, so below, as without, so within” is not just a platitude but an ancient philosophy and one which the majority of astrologers abide by.

This is especially relevant for you if you want to work on issues in your life which have been really difficult to solve.

It could be that the problem is one that you have brought in at a soul level. A past life or an ancestral pattern could be undermining your happiness and success.

When an eclipse occurs there is a temporary darkness, a magical time of being between two worlds – day and night. As one or other of the luminaries has disappeared, in Vedic astrology the days of eclipses are times to go within, for spiritual practise and meditation.

Aura-Soma bottle 17 is called ‘Hope- the Troubadour’ and is The Star in the tarot

Persecution and Hope

The message that has been coming to me is that of persecution in a past life and the fear of expressing ourselves in this one.  In Aura-Soma there are two bottles that represent this energy.

The Troubadour bottle 17  has to do with medieval times. The Cathars and the Knights Templars were persecuted by the Church because their beliefs were that man could have a direct communication with God. However while we hold on to memories of persecution, we are holding a grievance against those who persecuted us.

How this works is that we attract that energy of persecution to us in this lifetime until we let go of the past life story.

This bottle relates to The Star in the tarot- which is the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the planet of Change.

Now Uranus is forming a difficult aspect to Pluto, its time to release this old soul memory of persecution from our collective consciousness to heal humanity’s separation from each other. Aura Soma describes this bottle as “A message of hope. A Guiding light. Have faith in the right path. Follow the star to reach the destination”

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The Feminine

As this is a New Moon in the feminine sign of Cancer, it is time for the feminine to lead. Not from a place of sacrifice. Not from a place of independence. Not from a place of anger. These are all roles that can finally be released and healed.

It is time.

Time for true partnership and equality of the feminine with the masculine. Time for the divine feminine, the Grace energy to lead the world.

We are being asked to give birth to ourselves. To new forms. To cultivate our garden. To get creative. To share resources, and build community and relationships.

Rather than fight the old (Saturn) we need to focus on the new (Uranus).

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