Manifesting Your Vision Workshop April 13th

Manifesting Your Vision and the Power of Letting Go

The problems in the present are rooted deeply in the past. Because they are unconscious they are difficult to access on our own.
If you want to manifest your vision for a positive future then the one most important healing principles is letting go. This isn’t an easy process as the ego- that small self will resist. That means letting go of:-

  • Stress
  • Too many goals
  • Perfectionism
  • Comparison with others
  • Disappointment
  • Holding on to the past

By Chuck Spezzano, my mentor.

Key Concepts: Releasing past loss and needs; coming into a present perspective; opening to the next step

If forgiveness is the hardest lesson to learn on one’s own, then letting go is the second hardest. Of course, all of this can be accomplished easily through grace and your Higher Mind, if you are willing to change, find the way out and succeed.

Letting go heals holding on, expectations, stress and perfectionism, all of which are based on some picture of, or demand for, how things, others and yourself should be. These demands are your idea for what would meet your needs.

This constantly leads to disappointment or frustration, because no matter how well you have ‘written’ your script for happiness, it will not succeed with demands or needs. Needs secretly push away what they are trying to get, and demands repel and create resistance or sacrifice.

You can evaluate the success of your script by looking at how happy you have been in your life.  If it has only been somewhat successful for you, why would you impose it on someone else through expectations and demands?

Letting go of the past allows new goals and directions to appear. You cannot win if you hold on and demand that life return to a past which did not fully satisfy you before. With letting go, the past is not lost or thrown away, but is simply put into perspective.

It allows you to live in the present once again. Letting go releases the judgement, grievance, guilt, loss, need and fear which lurk beneath every holding on. Choosing this allows your attractiveness to re-emerge and also allows your life to unfold and improve. You can then take the next step, which brings new possibility and a truer life.

Join us on April 13th for a One Day Healing Workshop in Hove near Brighton. On the last workshop the theme of healing the Lost Childhood emerged.

 Testimonial from the last workshop in March

Thanks for for such an amazing day. Deep, powerful, gentle and amazing day. Incredible leadership.

A day spent with Pam at her Healing your Soul Story workshop was such a valuable and good use of my day. Pam holds an amazing and intuitive space, her knowledge and expertise interspersed with her quirky humour brought the whole group together in a relaxing and deeply bonded way.

I personally completed on an issue that had been interfering with an intimate relationship for a very, very long time. I have already noticed the relaxation within my own system and have definitely seen the shift within the relationship I worked with, which is now easier, more relaxed and loving. Such a relief after years of struggle and misunderstandings.

I cannot recommend Pam’s workshop enough. Thanks Pam for an insightful and amazing day. Bless your kind wise loving soul. What a gift you are.  xxx RW

On April 13th the stellium in Aries joins Chiron, the Archetype of the Wounded Healer along with the North Node of the Moon. The North Node is our destiny. Plus we are a week away from the dynamic conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus that only ever happens every 14 years!

This workshop is the culmination of over 14 years of facilitating coaching and workshops.

Are you stuck? Feel like you’ve reached a glass ceiling? Lost your direction? Want to change but find it difficult to do it on your own? Having a problem with a family member?

If you’re ready to delve into the reason that you may not be moving forward in your life right now, then this is the workshop for you.

There are 8 places and everyone will be involved in group processes.

Our Beliefs

Beliefs are fixed thoughts from the past which create our world and experience. Chiron as the Wounded Healer in Aries resonates with beliefs around issues of self-worth and not being good enough. A negative belief can act out by behaving in a number of ways. All can be off putting and distancing:-

  • Try too hard as a compensation.
  • Try to act cool and in control as if it doesn’t matter.
  • Might not even try at all since you believe you can’t succeed.

The Imposter Syndrome is relevant!

We are being asked to change our beliefs to make a new choice. It takes courage to challenge long held beliefs. With the support of the group this can be achieved.

Pam specialises in helping clients transform their lives so they can reconnect with their vision and live their dreams. She works in a highly intuitive and creative style which is suited to those on a spiritual path.

Pam’s clients and participants on her workshops feel renewed, inspired and back on track with their creativity and vision.

Healing Where you Lost Power

The aim is to heal your Timeline to transform your life.

Each time we have a shock or trauma in our life we lose energy. Those times when we have been betrayed, ridiculed or had our heart broken, can have a lasting effect on how confident and successful we are in both work and relationships. These are times when we lost power, our connection to our centre, our Source.

Finding those places and healing the original incidents, is a core part of her work.  Pam is very skilled and well known for her intuitive abilities.

On a Deeper Level – Healing Karma

With any trauma that occurs in the womb, the month in which the trauma occurs is symbolically significant. Events that occur between conception and birth are different from those that take place later, in that they reflect the unconscious and ancestral issues that were present at conception.

We might not know consciously what these events were, but the astrological chart can often indicate that something occurred.

There is also a very simple process that can be used to find out. It’s an intuitive process which bypasses the logical brain. Pam will guide you with intuitive questions and lead the group through centering processes.

The story that comes from this process reveals what is holding you back from success and happiness.

Chuck Spezzano co-founder of Psychology of Vision says:

“The age at which a trauma occurs is significant and can give a deeper understanding of the process underlying that trauma. Our age provides clues as to what general issues we were facing at the time and why it happened then.”

Pam has been using this technique in her coaching and workshops for over 23 years, and has found it be of enormous help to clients and participants. Past lives, ancestral problems and events in the womb are all stories that – once healed – will shift a huge amount of energy that is needed to help you in fulfilling your purpose.

Her belief is that when we are in a heart space and being witnessed in a group, the act of healing karma is far more effective than trying to go it alone.

Her healing workshops are timed to work with the key portals of the year to heal at a deep level. 

April 13th is a perfect day for making a leap forward as there is a stellium in Aries and just a week away from the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus. This only happens every 14 years!

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These are reports based on your birth chart. The best seller The Karmic Insight Report identifies your strengths and weaknesses. Your Spiritual Path is ideal for those on a spiritual journey.

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The Content of The Workshop

You’ll be participating in group rituals and tuning into your body.  The workshop space is sacred and as we gather as a small group we empower each other. The healing rituals are kinesthetic, so as you participate and move, you can change your timeline. Pam works intuitively and will facilitate group processes and meditations to help you to clear your karma and manifest your vision and create abundance in your life.

  • Healing the key time in our lives where we lost power and disconnected from our purpose.
  • Healing Soul Patterns report will be given to identify those times.
  • Embracing our true power and soul level gifts.
  • Letting Go Ritual

With that intention in mind, I invite you to join us on this One day Manifesting Your Vision Workshop.

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VENUE: Loft Room, Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
TIME arrive 10.15 for 10.30am start until 5pm.

Stained GlassWith its beautiful stained glass of the 4 disciples-which are the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac, the Cornerstone Community Centre is located close to Palmeira Square at the West end of  St John the Baptist Church, Church Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2FL. It’s on a major bus route along Church Road between Hove and Churchill Square, Brighton (buses 1, 2, 5, 6, 25 and 49) and a 17 minutes walk from Hove train station. Parking is on-street ‘Pay & Display’.

Where to Stay? The website offers many reasonably priced rooms to stay in Brighton or Hove. Please bear in mind when you book a room that Brighton and Hove charges for parking at weekends-some roads are only free from 8pm-8am.

Nearest stations: Brighton or Hove. If you’re coming from London Victoria take the 8.46am train to arrive at Hove at 9.53am.  Brilliant prices if you book early.

Then catch a taxi, or walk as it’s just 17 minutes away. There’s a coffee shop just a few minutes from the venue.


“We don’t service our car once, then congratulate ourselves on a job well done and leave it till it falls apart, but we have a tendency to do that with our spirits. A HUGE shift has taken place. I now have the head space to create and meet my next set of goals. Heaven! Pam’s strength, guidance and delicious sense of humour provides a safe and energetic environment, just perfect for our spiritual tune up!” Philippa

“Thank you so much for a very enlightening workshop. You were so generous with your time and I really appreciated that. You have really helped my family. Thank you so much.” Sue

“The workshop really helped me clarify, clear up and move on from some really deep issues. I found it to be amazingly powerful and applicable on many different fronts. Fantastic.” Lennie

Your Trainer: Pam Carruthers is a Qualified Coach and Trainer
Pam has over 21 years of experience working with clients one to one and facilitating groups and workshops. She offers inspirational and creative coaching at its best for a very reasonable fee. She has been trained by the leading Visionary Trainers in the world – Chuck and Lency Spezzano and works with the spiritual principles of Psychology of Vision and A Course in Miracles.

Book Your Place: £88 Earlybird until April 8th Just 8 places!

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