Mars Retrograde Free Webinar

mars retrograde webinarMars Retrograde can catch us unawares

All planets (except the Sun and Moon) go retrograde every year. However Mars only goes retrograde every 2 years, 2 months so it can catch us unawares.

In 2016 this retrograde period lasts for approx. 80 days and it will have an important effect on all zodiac signs, especially Aries and Scorpio who are ruled by Mars.

It entered the ‘shadow’ phase at 23 degrees of Scorpio this week on Wednesday 17th February. It will enter Sagittarius on 6th March, go retrograde on 18th April, then go back into Scorpio on 27th May.

Mars is the principle of fight or flight, it’s adrenaline- survival at an instinctive level. In our birthchart it shows how we fight for what we want. In a positive mode it’s healthy competition.

Mars is the god of war, so can cause trouble when retrograde. New plans may backfire or we can lose our drive to succeed.

We can become tetchy and lose our temper if we aren’t aware of the implications of this period.

What needs to come into conscious awareness?

Be prepared and find out the key dates when anger issues can boil over.

On this fully illustrated Mars Retrograde presentation you will discover:-

  • What the Mars retrograde period signifies.
  • What Mars in Scorpio and Sagittarius means, with examples of some famous people.
  • Dates to watch- The Midpoint and when the Sun trines Mars.
  • Dynamics of Power Struggle in the Psychology of Vision model.
  • Guided Meditation to heal the Power Struggle


The webinar is on Thursday 25th February at 7.30pm London time. 2.30pm EST.
It will be approx. one hour.

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