MasterClass: Chiron Healing Your Core Sacrifice Story

MasterClass Chiron: Healing Your Core Sacrifice Story-Reclaiming Your Power

An Illustrated Presentation MasterClass on Friday April 15th 2022 at 1pm BST.  8am EDT and 8pm AWST

This MasterClass has been rescheduled to suit USA and Western Australia participants.

How old were you when you when you were first wounded?

This occurs when Chiron makes a square to its natal position in your birth chart.

Depending on what sign you have Chiron in will indicate how old you were when you experienced this first square to your natal Chiron.

In my research for this MasterClass I discovered that my first square to my natal Chiron occurred when I was 12 years old. At first I couldn’t remember what happened back then. Its a long time ago! I lost my first love plus my beloved pussycat died. I was heartbroken.

I encourage you to sign up to this MasterClass as I will guide you through a healing process, entitled Healing Your Core Sacrifice Story- Reclaiming Your Power

I will also let you know how old you were when you experienced that first wound.
This MasterClass is £20 and includes the Chiron and the Asteroid Goddess Report. This report is personal to you and worth £20.

My mentor Chuck Spezzano says “What used to be a healing archetype has now become a symbol of sacrifice. Healing our wound was how we learnt to heal.

The unhealed healer may have given up on themselves in an attempt to help as many people as possible before they go.

The sacrifice of the Wounded Healer carries a dark glamour. A certain ‘specialness’ and way to get attention from others. We don’t include ourselves, so equality isn’t possible.”

“Chiron is about the wounds that make us wise.” Astrologer Howard Sasportas

Chiron in Aries was significant at the New Moon on April 1st 2022 as both the Sun and the Moon in Aries joined Mercury and Chiron. 

In the early years of our lives we face many places where we are at the crossroads. This was a time when we gave to help others, but we didn’t receive. We set off on a path of sacrifice which leads to burnout and exhaustion.

We buried our wounds until later in our lives they resurface. Are you feeling burnout? You could be running an old story. Have you lost your power?

In this MasterClass Pam explores:-

  • Chiron through the signs and houses: The Wound, The Wound’s Expression and The Gift.
  • Chiron in Aries A Crisis in Confidence and Self Worth.
  • The relevance of the first square Chiron makes in your life.
  • Chiron through the 12 signs/Houses
  • Guided Meditation to Heal Your Core Sacrifice Story- Reclaiming your Lost Power.
Chiron with the Goddess Pallas Athena

You get the MasterClass along with a personal Chiron and the Asteroid Goddesses Report

This Report explore aspects of spirituality and empowerment in the realm of the feminine.

This report is different from the 12 Goddesses Report

Would you like to know more about your capacity to nurture, marital relationships, problem solving skills, sexuality and healing power?

This Asteroid Report by Viniita Hutchinson gives interpretations of the four major asteroids Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas Athena, which can shed light on these important areas of human experience.

This report talks about the symbolic meaning of asteroids and how they operate in your birth horoscope.

  • Ceres shows your capacity to nurture and what you really care about.
  • Juno clarifies how you deal with committed personal relationships.
  • Vesta can give your keys to how you express your sexuality. Vesta is also the Keeper of the Sacred Flame.
  • Pallas Athena shows your approach to solving problems creatively.
  • Chiron gives clues to where you can be a mentor or a healer.

The MasterClass is £20 and includes your personal Chiron and the Asteroid Goddesses Report plus a PDF of your birth chart. Plus Pam will tell you how old you were when you experienced the first square, when you were wounded.

After paying you will be redirected to a page where you fill in your birth details – Date, place and time of birth.(NB This report uses the western tropical zodiac.)

Your information is entered by hand. Please allow 24 hours during the working week for your report to be delivered.

The Report will be emailed to you as a PDF file.

The MasterClass will be recorded on Vimeo and you will be sent a link to watch it afterward if you can’t attend live.