MasterClass Chiron in Aries Healing Your Core Sacrifice Story

MasterClass Unlocking the Meaning of Chiron: Healing Your Core Sacrifice Story-Reclaiming Your Power

An Illustrated Presentation MasterClass on Sunday September 24th at 5pm BST. Midday EDT.

Native American prophecy states that when the planet of healing is discovered in the sky, the ancient sacred warrior teachings will return to the Earth. Discovered in 1977 that planet is Chiron- wounded healer, shaman and the rainbow bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Understanding Chiron is really important. Our wounds are the way the ego keeps us small, so we hide from our purpose.

In our charts its where we feel wounded and weak. However our wound is the very thing we are called to heal so we can heal others.

Chiron is the Archetype of the Wounded Healer, so healing our wounds is now a priority. It’s not something that can be put off any longer.

Only by changing our vibration can we move into a higher energy and enjoy being in the flow of our lives rather than be dragged along.

How old were you when you when you were first wounded?

This occurs when Chiron makes a square to its natal position in your birth chart.

Depending on what sign you have Chiron in will indicate how old you were when you experienced this first square to your natal Chiron.

In my research for this MasterClass I discovered that my first square to my natal Chiron occurred when I was 12 years old. At first I couldn’t remember what happened back then. Its a long time ago! I lost my first love plus my beloved pussycat died. I was heartbroken.

I encourage you to sign up to this MasterClass as I will guide you through a healing process, entitled Healing Your Core Sacrifice Story- Reclaiming Your Power

I will also let you know how old you were when you experienced that first wound.
This MasterClass is £20 and includes the Chiron and the Asteroid Goddess Report. This report is personal to you and worth £20.

My mentor Chuck Spezzano says “What used to be a healing archetype has now become a symbol of sacrifice. Healing our wound was how we learnt to heal.

The unhealed healer may have given up on themselves in an attempt to help as many people as possible before they go.

The sacrifice of the Wounded Healer carries a dark glamour. A certain ‘specialness’ and way to get attention from others. We don’t include ourselves, so equality isn’t possible.”

“Chiron is about the wounds that make us wise.” Astrologer Howard Sasportas

Chiron in Aries was significant at the New Moon on September 15th as it trined Venus in Leo and was opposite Mars in Libra. These aspects continue through September.

In the early years of our lives we face many places where we are at the crossroads. This was a time when we gave to help others, but we didn’t receive. We set off on a path of sacrifice which leads to burnout and exhaustion.

We buried our wounds until later in our lives they resurface. Are you feeling burnout? You could be running an old story. Have you lost your power?

In this MasterClass Pam explores:-

  • Chiron through the signs and houses: The Wound, The Wound’s Expression and The Gift.
  • Chiron in Aries A Crisis in Confidence and Self Worth.
  • The relevance of the first square Chiron makes in your life.
  • Chiron through the 12 signs/Houses
  • Guided Meditation to Heal Your Core Sacrifice Story- Reclaiming your Lost Power.

chironYou get the MasterClass along with a personal Chiron Report by Leading Expert Zane Stein

“In 1977 another body was added to the astrologer’s toolbox. Given the name Chiron (after the mythological Centaur) by its discoverer, this minor planet adds another dimension to a person’s chart. It reveals a person’s wounds, how to heal those that can be healed, and how to accept those that cannot. By exploring Chiron in a person’s chart, the path to healing and becoming psychologically well is highlighted. Doors to a larger perspective are revealed, and lessons are learned which enable you to teach others what you have discovered.

The symbol for Chiron looks like a key. This is appropriate because Chiron is the key to many things including to a new way of looking at things, to rising above problems and pain, to redemption if others have been hurt, healing and forgiveness, finding a sense of belonging and to emotional truth, to name a few.

Chiron in the Chart, and therefore this report, shows us where we are most vulnerable to hurts, what will ultimately comfort us, how to assimilate our pain, what we feel passionately about, our emotional truth and how to share this truth with others. Chiron shows the beauty in each person’s journey towards emotional truth and self-acceptance. The path may be painful but the journey is ultimately rewarding.”

The MasterClass is £20 and includes your personal Chiron Report as a Bonus plus a PDF of your birth chart. Plus Pam will tell you how old you were when you experienced the first square, when you were wounded.

After paying you will be redirected to a page in Zoom and get the link where you fill in your birth details – Date, place and time of birth.(NB This report uses the western tropical zodiac.)

Your information is entered by hand. Please allow 24 hours during the working week for your report to be delivered.

The Report will be emailed to you as a PDF file.

The MasterClass will be recorded on Vimeo and you will be sent a link to watch it afterward if you can’t attend live.

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