MasterClass: Surviving Mercury Retrograde

2021 mercury retrograde in libra

Surviving and Thriving Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Have you noticed blips in communications this week? Emails going astray? Appointments missed? Brain fog when you haven’t got Covid?

Mercury retrograde gets a bad press, but it can offer us a shift in perspective.

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year and is well known as The Trickster playing havoc with communications.

Beforehand we are advised to back up our computers and delay buying a new phone/computer or signing contracts until Mercury moves direct again. Also, he may trip us up with glitches – computers crash, we lose our mobile phone or it’s stolen, emails don’t arrive, we are clumsy verbally and cause offence, we jump to wrong conclusions and have to back down and admit we were wrong, we miss meetings, plans go awry, travel arrangements scramble.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, and information bombards us every day. In Mercury retrograde periods we are being asked to slow down and absorb the messages, to digest and take stock.

Mercury is the weaver between the opposites, like the snakes which wind around the healing staff or caduceus.

His job is to assist travellers on the path of awareness, and to keep the energy moving so that situations develop to fruition, ideas are generated, and important communications are facilitated, both inwardly and outwardly.

What Retrograde means

An analogy is, retrograde is just like driving a car. The first time you don’t look at what’s going on, then as you reverse you really look at the road. Then when you drive forward again you know the territory. When Mercury goes retrograde on Sept 10th it will start this reverse process.

Mercury retrograde is an inward journey. Each year the retrogrades occur in the same element. This year Mercury retrogrades in the air signs where the planet of communication is most at home. Then back into earth signs where it will focus on in 2023.

We began with Aquarius and Capricorn in January/February, Gemini/Taurus in May/June and now Libra/Virgo in September/October.

Mercury is happy in the air signs, which is the element associated with the logical left brain. When retrograde it is more attuned to the right intuitive brain.

Air signs can be objective and neutral. Time to take a step back and breathe! Great time to study new ideas and systems.

  • Use the faculty of logic to see projects and review goals with fresh insights.
  • Release old thought patterns.
  • Restore the capacity for original thinking.

Not all Mercury retrograde periods are the same.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra focuses on relationships, on balance and finding your equilibrium, your centre. These are the qualities of Libra. Then when it retrogrades back into Virgo- the sign where it is exalted -the emphasis is on healing.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra and Virgo

It travels from 9 degrees Libra back to 24 degrees Virgo. Mercury will go retrograde in Libra so it focuses us all on our relationships, on finding balance and our centre. These are the qualities of Libra. 

All signs have a shadow. Libra’s shadow is indecision as it wants to find balance. Does this apply to you?

When it moves back into Virgo on September 23rd it will be returning to the sign where it is exalted -the emphasis is on healing and sorting out unfinished business. 

However Virgo has the shadow of perfectionism. and getting so caught up in detail it misses the big picture.

In this MasterClass discover:-

  • Dates when Mercury forms contacts with Jupiter, the Moon, Venus and Pluto.
  • Difficult dates to be aware of and lie low. Avoid these dates if you want to start anything new or sign a contract.
  • What does this Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo mean for you? Mercury transiting through each of the 12 houses of the zodiac.
  • What are the questions to ask of Mercury?
  • Mercury in the tarot- The Magician.
  • Mercury’s Cycle- Psychopomp/Guide or Scout? What do they mean and which one are you?
  • Integration Exercise for left and right brain.

DATE September 17th at 2pm BST, 9am EDT.

Saturday September 10th is the day that Mercury went retrograde at 9 degrees Libra and the very time that the new king was proclaimed Charles III.

The day Mercury goes retrograde and then the day it moves forward again are the 2 most intense days.

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The fee is £25 and includes a personal birth chart worth £20 and your basic Vedic chart. It will be recorded.