MasterClass Venus Shamanic Journey: The 5 Archetypes of Feminine Power

The Venus Shamanic Journey relates to the journey of Venus from Morning to Evening Star. Venus, Queen of Heaven is the brightest of the visible planets. She is known as the sister of the Earth. She has her own magical and mysterious cycle that repeats itself every 584 days. When Venus goes retrograde it signals the completion of one Venus cycle and the preparation for and the beginning of a new archetypal integration cycle for the divine feminine.

When Venus is 10 degrees ahead of the Sun while still retrograde, it is rising as a Morning Star. This is called the heliacal rise and known as The Shamanic Overtone or Journey. We are currently in the Venus Shamanic Overtone of Capricorn.

It relates to the Ancient Sumerian Myth of Inanna Queen of Heaven. It’s a journey of Surrender and Rebirth

This ancient myth explores the descent of Venus as the Goddess Inanna when she is in the phase as a Morning Star. 

Venus rose as a Morning Star on January 16 2022 at 15 degrees Capricorn and we began a new 19 month cycle. Capricorn is the Goddess Hecate, The Wise Woman, mature, loyal and trustworthy.

When Venus is retrograde she starts a new cycle in only five signs of the Zodiac in a lifetime! 

From 1966 through 2047 these are Aries The Warrioress; Scorpio The Sorceress; Gemini The Messenger; Capricorn The Matriarch; Virgo The Healer changing to Leo The Queen.

Which one are you? Your Shamanic overtone links to your soul purpose in this lifetime.

Transition from Morning to Evening Star

Venus disappeared as a Morning Star on September 14th 2022. On December 1st she reappears from the Underworld as an Evening Star. In the myth Innana is brought back to life and each month a chakra is activated as she returns as Queen of Heaven. She is reborn and empowered.

These chakras are activated in turn from December 24th 2022 until July 23rd 2023 when The Moon and Venus meet each month. The shamanic journey travels from the Root chakra to Crown chakra.

Join me on this MasterClass ‘Shamanic Overtone of Venus Exploring the 5 Archetypes of Feminine Power’ to find out more and discover:-

  • The 5 Shamanic Overtone Goddess Archetypes- Which Tribe do you belong to? Examples with famous women.
  • Understanding Venus as a Morning Star or Evening Star-which one are you and what does it mean? 
  • The Ancient Myth of Inanna, Queen of Heaven
  • Key dates for Rituals when the Moon and Venus join in 2022-2023- The Gates of Initiation and the 7 Chakras.

So my question is- What’s holding you back from your power?

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