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What’s the Astrology of 2018 look like?

The headline news this year sees Uranus -the planet of radical change and revolution- move into the sign of Taurus. It has been in Aries for 7 years, so this is a major shift.

Saturn moved into its own sign of Capricorn on December 20th 2017 for the next 2 and a half years.

 The most personal planets Venus and Mars will both go retrograde.

Moving Forward

On January 2nd Uranus turns direct, so all planets are in a forward motion until March 8th. This brings amazing support from the universe to get 2018 off to a great start. As Uranus is still in Aries- a fire sign- use this energy to for a turbo boost to get going with projects and make this year extra special.

  • Uranus moves into Taurus May 15th until November 6th when goes back into Aries until March 7th 2019
  • Saturn in Capricorn all of 2018
  • Jupiter in Scorpio until November 8th then Sagittarius
  • Total Lunar eclipses January 31st and July 27th
  • 3 Partial Solar eclipses: February 15th, July 13th and August 11th
  • Mars in Aquarius for 6 months from May 16th-November 16th. Retrogrades in Aquarius June 27th 2018. (One month back into Capricorn Aug 13th-Sept 11th.)
  • Venus as an Evening Star. Retrogrades in Scorpio October 5th. A New Shamanic Cycle begins November 2nd in Libra

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