Mercury Retrograde MasterClass

libra balancing the scalesMercury Retrograde in Libra

mercury retrogradeWe are now between eclipses so there is a strong need to clear patterns from the past in order to embrace the new.

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year, so this isn’t rare. It is now in the middle of Libra- an air sign where Mercury is happy. It will spend 66 days in Libra, instead of the usual 21 days.

Mercury moved into Libra on August 28th and entered Libra as the Scout. It’s ahead of the Sun as a Morning Star. This day also began Mercury’s ‘shadow period’ at 0 degrees Libra.

September 17th Retrograde at 15 degrees Libra so Mercury is now moving backward the Sun.

September 30th Joins the Sun at 7 degrees Libra. A day for introspection. Mercury now becomes an Evening Star setting after the Sun–the Psychopomp and Guide until November 17th when it rejoins the Sun.

October 9th Mercury moves direct at 0 degrees Libra.

November 2nd Mercury moves into Scorpio.

You may already have received messages from Mercury. Divination is one tool that helps bypass the conscious mind. I love tarot and I also use ‘process’ cards by Chuck Spezzano to give insights into my higher mind.

Libra is the sign ruled by Venus, the Goddess and planet of relationships.

Balance is being asked of us-diplomacy being the highest attribute of Libra. The negative is being a people pleaser.

Many astrologers offer dire warnings concerning the Mercury retrograde period. Some add in the shadow stage as well. This astrologer doesn’t buy into such negative thinking.

I believe in the power of our mind to transform our world. Mercury retrograde periods give us time to absorb and assimilate all the information we’ve been receiving.

A Mantra is Sacred Sound
A Mantra is Sacred Sound

Mantras and The Power of Intention

I am offering you an individual mantra to support you and help you get the best out of this Mercury retrograde period and in the future.

Mantras are the power of the spoken word and when done with intention over time can have amazing results. A mantra can do no harm, and is a remedy that honours Saturn as it works through consistent repetition on a daily basis.

New habits can be formed in 22 days-the length of Mercury’s- retrograde.

All I need from you is your date, place and time of birth, plus a small fee of £10.

I will be using your Vedic chart and your birth time is essential. I will email your Vedic chart and personal Sanskrit mantra to you – and I promise you – it will be really easy to pronounce!

CLICK HERE to pay for the MasterClass video, your personal Vedic birth chart and mantra:-

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Please fill in the form after payment with your birth details. Please allow time for me to calculate and discern the best mantra for your personal birthchart. Then the chart, the mantra and the link to the video recording will be emailed to you.