Planets in Scorpio and the Mars Transit

MasterClass Planets in Scorpio- What does that signify for you?

A little-known fact is that is that it’s very common to have planets in Scorpio.

There are an enormous number of people born in the last half of the 20th century with one or more planets in Scorpio. The normal random distribution, for reference, would produce a figure of just over half the population.

From 1953-1995, however, there was an extraordinary run of outer planets following each other into the sign, and for that 42-year period about 98.5% of all people born have one or more planets in Scorpio.

From 1954-1971 this figure is about 99.1%; and everyone born in the 1960s has at least one planet in Scorpio. Between 1971 and 1974 there was a brief respite, but between late 1975 and 1995 this figure is about 99.7%; only for a few days in 1981, and a few weeks in 1983, were there no planets in Scorpio. Credit David A Jones for this information.

Do you have any planets in Scorpio? See below:-

Saturn: Mastery Oct 23rd 1953 –Nov 1st 1954. Dec 1st 1982-May 7th 1983. Aug 24th 1983 -Dec 7th 1983. May 23rd 1984- Aug 31st 1984

Neptune: The Mystic Oct 19th 1956- June 15th 1957. Then Aug 6th 1957- 19th Nov 1961. Finally 20th May 1962- 21st Sept 1962.

Jupiter: The Traveller/Philosopher Dec 17th 1969- April 29th 1970. Then Aug 16th 1970- Oct 17th 1970. Nov 27th 1981- Sept 30th 1982. Nov 10th 1993- Jan 14th 1994. April 15th 1994- Sept 12th 1994.

Uranus: The Magician, The Revolutionary Sept 8th 1975- Jan 29th 1977. Then March 3rd 1977 Oct 28th 1977.

Pluto: The Shaman Nov 6th 1983- May 18th 1984. Then Aug 28th 1984 – Oct 14th 1988.

October 12th 2023 Mars is now transiting through Scorpio

For the next 6 weeks October 12th until November 24th Mars will transit through Scorpio activating whatever planet in Scorpio is in your birth chart. Its an ideal time for a consultation. See this page to book>

I am hosting a MasterClass on Mars in Scorpio on Sunday November 19th at midday GMT.

I will go into detail about each Scorpio planet affected. It costs £20 and it will be recorded. Once you pay you will be taken to a form where you can fill in your birth details. You will be entitled to the Solar Writer Report which covers all your planets. If you already have this report then I recommend The Vocation Report or Karmic Insight Report. They are all worth £20 each.