Planets in Scorpio, The Sorceress and Shaman

Planets in Scorpio relate to the Archetype of The Sorceress

95% of people born in the 20th Century have a planet in Scorpio

When were you born? Do you have a major planet in Scorpio? Scorpio relates to The archetype of the Sorceress and The Shaman.

It is especially relevant for you if you are part of the generation born when Neptune travelled through Scorpio from 1956 to 1962 or the Pluto transit

Signs and the planets in Scorpio

Jupiter takes just 12 years to go through all the signs so its highly likely that you are part of this group.

Saturn’s orbit is approx 29 years so is quite common. This is often the age when a woman gives birth, so her child will have the same signature.

The outer planets have very slow transits through the signs.

  • Saturn: Mastery Oct 23rd 1953 –Nov 1st 1954.  Dec 1st 1982-May 7th 1983.  Aug 24th 1983 –  Nov 17th 1985. Oct 6th 2012 – Dec 24th 2014.
  • Neptune: The Mystic Oct 19th 1956- June 15th 1957. Then Aug 6th 1957- 19th Nov 1961- January 5th 1970.
  • Jupiter: The Traveller/Philosopher Dec 17th 1969- April 29th 1970. Then Aug 16th 1970- Oct 17th 1970. Nov 27th 1981- Sept 30th 1982. Nov 10th 1993- Jan 14th 1994. April 15th 1994- Sept 12th 1994.
  • Uranus: The Magician, The Revolutionary Sept 8th 1975- Jan 29th 1977. Then March 3rd 1977 – November 17th 1981.
  • Pluto: The Shaman Nov 6th 1983- May 18th 1984. Then Aug 28th 1984 – November 10th 1995.

Jupiter and Uranus are both travelling through Taurus so will be opposite the sign of Scorpio. On April 20th they join at 20 degrees Taurus which only happens every 14 years.