Psychology of Vision Online Course Part 2

Starting Monday July 29th 2013 at 8pm BMT.

Change Your Mind, Change Your World: Steps To Leadership Online Course

If you want to learn how to make some positive changes in your life and as a result live your full potential, then this Psychology of Vision online course is for you.

The intention of this course is to give you the understanding and knowledge to deal with your everyday problems, to help your friends and family deal with theirs, and in doing so find your own happiness and success.

This course is based on a practical approach to life change. The knowledge contained in this course has been gained by over 30 years of workshop experience from around the world and has helped tens of thousands of people significantly change their lives.

Using the teachings of the Psychology of Vision, Steps to Leadership helps you to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of yourself and your relationships in a supportive and practical way. With this awareness comes the choice to experience remarkable and often profound changes in your life and the world around you.

This course acts as an excellent introduction to the healing principles of Psychology of Vision.

Content THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND Relationships and Family

  • 11. Dependence and Beyond
  • 12. Relationships and Family
  • 13. Stages of Relationships
  • 14. Transference
  • 15. The Power of Letting Go
  • 16. Power Struggle
  • 17. Dead Zone
  • 18. Projection and Forgiveness
  • 19. Accountability