Psychology of Vision

Pam in her team of Psychology of Vision UK Trainers in Hawaii
Pam with the UK team of trainers at the Psychology of Vision Trainers Training in Hawaii 2005

Psychology of Vision is a marriage of psychology with spirituality. It is a path of the heart.

chuck and lency spezzano
Chuck and Lency Spezzano

Pam has trained in this model since 1994. Founded by Chuck and Lency Spezzano it’s based on the core values of love, forgiveness, grace, joining, friendship, community, equality and mutuality.

This is how Chuck Spezzano describes it:-

“The Psychology of Vision is a return to original meanings in regard to healing. The word psychology comes from the Greek words, psyche and logos, literally meaning ‘soul study’. This speaks to both the depth and completeness of the model.

  • Vision is the recognition that we must go beyond the status quo that allows the pain of the past to shrink our horizons. Instead, vision allows a positive future that shows us the way back to the eternal present. The Psychology of Vision is a marriage of cutting edge psychology and grace.
  • Leadership, because the world needs leaders today; and because leadership is a response to the calls for help around us.
  • Spirituality, because, ultimately, we are spiritual beings. As evolution occurs, we move from dependence to independence, from independence to partnership, and from interdependence to radical dependence. Radical dependence is the awareness of our reliance on God, Love or Spirit that goes beyond all religions, and seeks that which is essential to the primary spiritual experience beyond form.

The Psychology of Vision recognises that while there are basically two minds, our ego and our higher mind, it is convenient to deal with the conscious, subconscious, unconscious and super-conscious minds.

In the conscious mind, there is a common sense approach to that which is in our awareness. The subconscious mind contains everything we hide from ourselves that has occurred since our conception and is recorded in the mind. Even though it is buried, it is still affecting us.

The unconscious mind contains our personal soul path, and follows the deepest parts of the mind that determine the direction of our lives. The content of our unconscious mind is inherited from our own soul agenda, ancestral patters, and the limitations of humanity. The super-conscious or spiritual mind is the most primordial, yet most hidden, aspect of our existence. It reflects our relationship to God or ‘All That Is’ on the way back to Oneness.

The Paranormal and Shamanic Mind

For the most part, the model of the Psychology of Vision goes beyond the scope of present day therapy. Some of the key insights and experiences came to me in 1975 as I developed an intuitive method that I use as an alternative to hypnosis. This allowed me to explore subconscious areas all the way into the unconscious, which is the area of the paranormal and shamanic mind.

I had mind-blowing experiences with people as they shared their most hidden and repressed issues around victim experiences. This allowed me to see an alternative to current victim theory which, for the most part, does not get past the pain, blame and rage of the victim towards the victimiser and the event.

higher mindLove, Innocence, Empowerment

Based on work with thousands of individuals, I began to see that, ultimately, we are all innocent, though we have made grave mistakes in what we thought would bring us happiness. People are doing the best they can, given inner and outer circumstances, but all of us could do better. I also saw that we are both responsible and accountable for everything that happens in our lives, but that our egos want to keep us in the victim role and keep us feeling guilty.

As I continued my work, I realised that victims are the most trapped and dis-empowered people there are. As I began helping people work through patterns and mistaken choices they had made that caused such heartbreak, I began understanding and healing my own heartbreaks. After opening and understanding the hidden issues of the mind, it becomes much easier to forgive ourselves and others, and completely transform the past and the painful feelings that still remain.

The Psychology of Vision model is about love, innocence, empowerment, responsibility for our lives, and response-ability to others. It is about freeing victims from their traps, finding the gifts and talents blocked by such traps, and empowering people to become successful leaders and healers in their own right. The Psychology of Vision is about problem solving and evolution.

A Healing Model

The Psychology of Vision is a healing model that is not just about healing and repair, but also about vision, creativity and living one’s purpose. It is not only important to ‘fix the car’, it is also crucial where the car is going.

Path of the Heart

The Psychology of Vision is a path of the heart. While love has always been a key ethic in this healing model, my wife Lency Spezzano developed a method based on love, called joining. As people join in love (not romance), problems that had been separating them spontaneously heal. Beginning as a path of emotional healing, it quickly moved up into the spiritual realm. As a person joins with another in love, the elements of grace and divine love become present also. The Psychology of Vision is a path of emotional healing that evolved into love and finally into mysticism.


The Psychology of Vision is a path of accountability, which is a path of full responsibility for our lives and everything in them. In this way, we are empowered as we deny that there is any truth at all to blame and guilt, and the ego’s investment in them. The principle of accountability recognises that when we stop blaming others for any problem, our ego then tries to make it our fault. It recognises that blame and guilt are just two facets of the same trap. Neither is ultimately true, though we all feel both. This is what must be healed to give up guilt and the self-attack and punishment. The Psychology of Vision is about accountability and innocence.

Psychology of Vision Triangle Model
Psychology of Vision Triangle Model

A Map of Evolution

The Psychology of Vision presents a map of evolution, which includes the stages we all go through in our personal growth, in relationships and finally spirituality. It demonstrates the main traps and the way through them at each stage of growth. The Psychology of Vision shows how we evolve, and the challenges we face at each step along the way.

A Leap in Consciousness

The Psychology of Vision recognises the unique opportunity for a leap in consciousness present in society today. It has come to be a midwife for an easy birth, empowering people with healing tools, and the opportunity for happiness, love and living one’s purpose.

It recognises, as stated in the Book of Proverbs in the Bible, ‘Without vision, people perish’. It is meant to provide a positive way through the challenges of today, dedicated to humanity on the journey to recognising its divinity. At the heart of the Psychology of Vision is the reality of friends helping friends to make this a better world.” Chuck Spezzano

Chuck Spezzano Love Pack Card Falling in LoveRelationships, Leadership and Spirituality

POV offers a profoundly different way to live our lives. It’s made up of three major elements:- Relationships, Leadership and Spirituality

  • Relationships- because of their essential importance in our healing and happiness.
  • Leadership- because helping others is an effective way to help ourselves and the world
  • Spirituality- because recognition of ourselves as spirit is the goal of our journey through life.

It presents a visionary paradigm that inspires creativity, purpose, happiness, fulfillment and meaning. We can go beyond the limitations of our nationality, culture, class, religious strictures and family traps, to be leaders in our communities.

When we express our gifts, we give permission to those around us to express theirs.

Spiritual Coaching with Pam

Pam has been trained by Chuck and Lency Spezzano since 1994. As an experienced Trainer Pam can help you navigate where she has been- and that’s some deep and blessed territory. You are in safe and experienced hands. Pam helps people improve their lives, their relationships and their health by giving them an understanding of themselves and others.

She gives people insights into ‘why bad things happen to good people’, that the events in our lives are not without meaning. She works with this model that teaches emotional intelligence through a remembering of Self.

She coaches and lives (as best she can!) the spiritual principles that she knows.

The co-founders of Psychology of Vision are Chuck and Lency Spezzano who live in Hawaii. Chuck is a prolific author of numerous books and healing card decks. See Psychology of Vision website