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Want to know the key dates to watch out for in 2021?

It’s a far better cosmic picture than 2020. There are some big astrological opportunities this year. Want divine guidance on when they happen, and what they mean for you?

The astrology of 2021 is an important year as Jupiter and Saturn are now in Aquarius. This means that they are no longer travelling with Pluto. The nodal axis which affects the eclipses, changed sign on June 5th in 2020 into Gemini North Node and Sagittarius South Node. They last for eighteen months before changing signs. This year is important for all Geminis and Sagittarians.

The nodal axis connects us to the eclipses which are a wild card in astrology.

Venus -planet of love, relationships and money is in Sagittarius on January 1st 2021. Currently Venus is a Morning Star rising ahead of the Sun.

Key Dates to watch are when Venus disappears from the morning sky on February 13th at 15 degrees Aquarius. Venus then meets with the Sun on 25th March at 6 degrees Aries. Venus rises as an Evening Star on May 3rd at 24 degrees Taurus.  While Venus is invisible you may find you are less inclined to be social. Finally Venus will be retrograde on December 19th 2021 in Capricorn.

Mars -the planet of courage and the Warrioress moves forward all year from Aries to Sagittarius.

Jupiter -the planet of Great Good Fortune from 17th December 2020 moved into futuristic Aquarius. This is a year to be inspired by your vision. Aquarius seeks freedom of thought. Its the power of individuality that connects to the whole as in networks and community. It is also- I believe- the internet. In 2020 many of us saw the new way of networking via online with Zoom.

Jupiter moves into Pisces-a sign it loves on 13th May until 28th July when it moves back into Aquarius.

Saturn is now in Aquarius. Traditionally Saturn ruled Aquarius. This can be seen as the prophet, the social reformer and free thinker. Aquarius is ruled nowadays by Uranus, discovered in 1781 it’s the planet associated with The French Revolution and the US War of Independence. Remember the phrase Liberté, égalité, fraternité and you get the idea. Aquarius is also associated with the myth of Prometheus.

Uranus is in Taurus. It began this 7 year journey on 6th March 2019. Neptune remains in Pisces. Pluto in Capricorn. All three go retrograde every year and can indicate life changing events if they activate a natal planet in your chart.

Your 3 Personal Astrology Reports for 2021

The 3 Personal Astrology 2021 Reports are worth £45 if bought separately. These reports are based on your date, time and place of birth.
NB. They are both calculated for the same person. Please note that Steven doesn’t include Chiron but it is included in Stephanie Johnson’s Report.

Annual Reports: 2 SkyLog Reports of 6 months each (Jan-end June 2021 and July-end Dec 2021) by Steven Forrest 

Each report called ‘Sky Log‘ gives you over 40 pages of in-depth predictions.  This report is usually sold as a 6 month report for £15. These reports are based on your transits and secondary progressions. The author Steven Forrest, has a great style and explains clearly and poetically – with no jargon – what the planetary transits signify for you.

“The future isn’t crystallized. It’s a wavering, quivering web of possibilities. How will they manifest? Much depends upon how you wield the magical wild card we call your freedom.

The planets offer advice. In a sense, they recommend certain choices over others. They seem biased toward your evolution. They often suggest that you take the less familiar path, the one that moves you into richer fields of your own potentiality.”

This report is based on your transits and secondary progressions for the year ahead. There are three parts to the report:-

THE INVITATION: First, the big questions. In the part of the report called THE INVITATION, he gives you that “mountain-top” perspective that enables you to make sense of the details. Steven speaks in normal English- no jargon – and gives a real depth of understanding to the major planets affecting you in the year ahead.

THE MEANS: He turns your attention to some secondary factors and offers suggestions, help, and support in responding to those big questions.

THE DETAILS: These minor transits unfold quickly. It’s a rare week that doesn’t contain at least a few. A report that discussed them all in the kind of microscopic detail we’ve applied to the major events would be several inches thick. In order to cover the daily astrological kaleidoscope within the practical limitations of the space available, we’ve resorted to producing capsulized one-sentence nuggets that compress a lot of information into a few words. So, slow down, shift gears, and let them wash over you. Think of these images more as daily meditations than as the kind of full-blown explanations to which you’ve gotten accustomed in the previous sections of SKYLOG.

Steven writes:- Throughout the following text, I’ll be endeavoring to write in plain English, but if you’re unfamiliar with the jargon of astrology, you’ll encounter a few words that may require definition. A “transiting” planet, for example, refers to the actual, current position of that planet in the sky. Sometimes the transiting planets form critical geometric angles with the natal planets in the birthchart, triggering developmental questions in your life. These critical angles are called “aspects.”

The “progressed” planets function in much the same way as the transiting planets, but we approach them a little differently. They’re like a script that’s been built into your birthchart. Just as we know that an oak tree will emerge from an acorn and bring forth its leaves in season, similarly each person’s birthchart contains within it the seeds of certain predictable developmental stages. Progressions spell out those stages.

These amazing 40 plus page reports of 6 months each Jan -July 2021, and July – end Dec 2021 are easy to understand and very detailed.

Diary by Stephanie Johnson

The next report written by Stephanie Johnson is approx. 20 pages and includes a full colour birth chart and easy bar graph reference for the year. It has just been updated with more information on each transit. The entries are sorted by the exact date on which each event occurs, with the planets involved.  She writes:-

“The astrological system of Transits is offering us much the same information as a weather forecast. It is giving us an indication of the emotional and intellectual weather of our lives. It is up to us to decide our own destiny.”

Kamala Harris. She enters her favourable 9th house just a day before the US Presidential Inauguration on 20th January 2021

Find out what the planetary movements mean for you!

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