Family Karma

family karmaIt’s often said that we choose our friends but don’t choose our family.

However on a soul level we have chosen them. This is our family karma.

I believe that we’ve been in relationship with all members of our family through many lifetimes.

We made a soul contract before our birth that we wanted to make a huge leap in evolution in this lifetime. Our soul friends tried to warn us how challenging that would be, but we were insistent.

So we incarnated and promptly forgot that promise. We discovered that our greatest tests and challenges were in our family of birth. We may have thought we’d come to the wrong planet, at the wrong time, and in the wrong family!

We may have suspected that we were adopted, we had so little in common with our family.

Chuck Spezzano says:- “Our family is the blueprint for our purpose”

Our soul friends are our mother and father, and its these two aspects of our soul that we have come to work with in this lifetime. We arrived on this planet because we heard the call for help in the world, and in our family.

The problems we faced in our family of birth seemed impossible to solve. As children we didn’t have the resources to handle the complex emotional issues we may have experienced and witnessed. The traumas that happened to us and our family would have thrown us off our centre, and we then took on a role in order to survive.

The Birth Chart- Map of our Family Karma

In our birth chart our mother is the 4th house, our father the 9th, older siblings are the 11th house, and younger ones the 3rd house. Each grandparent and great-grandparent can be traced through the birth chart and the stories can be revealed that have lain hidden and may be the reason why you can’t move past an invisible wall in this lifetime.

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Dr Chuck Spezzano says that family issues can be the most complicated. We are here to help our family, not to judge them.  By embracing our soul gifts and sharing them with our family we release each other from the family trap. Rediscovering these gifts enables you to start living your soul’s purpose.

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