Steps To Leadership Online Training Programme

Want to transform your life and heal your relationships?

Love Card
Love card from The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano

An Invitation to Join the next ‘Steps to Leadership’ Online Training Programme starts January 2019

If you want to make some positive changes in your life and live your full potential, then this Steps to Leadership Training Programme is for you.

The intention of this Training Programme is to give you the understanding and knowledge to deal with your everyday problems, to help your friends and family deal with theirs, and in doing so find your own happiness and success.

This Training Programme is based on the work of Chuck and Lency Spezzano founders of the Psychology of Vision transformational healing model.

Their knowledge comes from over 30 years of facilitating workshops from around the world.  Psychology of Vision has helped tens of thousands of people significantly change their lives.

Created by Jeff Allen CEO of VisionWorks, the ‘Steps to Leadership’ Training Programme is a powerful and innovative teaching tool.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand Patterns. You’ll understand the patterns and blocks in your life and learn healing tools and techniques to overcome them.
  • Improve Your Relationships. You’ll learn about the dynamics of relationships, the building blocks of life. How to be in relationship without being in sacrifice!
  • Learn Healing Techniques. You’ll be learning and practising many healing techniques that you can use every day with friends, family and clients.
  • Journey of Discovery. You’ll gain an all-inclusive knowledge of the map of human evolution called ‘The Triangle’ on which the Psychology of Vision model is based.
  • Soul Purpose. You’ll have more awareness of the meaning of your life and your purpose.
  • Buddy and Group Support. Partnering with a buddy and being in a group of like minded people speeds your personal growth and healing. Groups help us see our blind spots!
  • Leadership. You’ll discover practical ways to inspire your friends, your family and yourself and be a leader.
Effective communication builds great relationships

How it Works

This Training Programme consists of 10 online sessions of  2 hours each with Pam. Plus preparation (Pre-Learning) that will take approx 30 mins before each Module. There is no homework!

You’ll be given access to the material via a password to an online website.

We meet online with Zoom Video Conference calling (free for you to use). Pam will facilitate the material and you’ll participate in the exercises and buddy work.

You’ll need a webcam, a headset or a microphone and speakers.

Its essential that you have a fast broadband internet connection, and that you will not be overheard while you are on the calls.

NB. An ipad won’t work with the pre-learning as it uses Flash, however it will work with the online meetings.

“We live in a time of great opportunity, in which, as explorers of consciousness, our ability to leap forward into birth and vision seems unparalleled.”- Chuck Spezzano

The 10 Modules

  1. Introduction: Goal setting. Groundings and Buddies. A buddy is your partner for the course, who supports you with your goals.
  2. The Power of Our Mind: The make up of the mind and the nature of perception. The conscious, subconscious and the unconscious levels of the mind.
  3. Communication: Four major forms of communication and the principles for transformational communication.
  4. The Triangle Model: An explanation of the evolutionary Triangle Model, with a 15 minute video by Jeff Allen.
  5. Psychology of Emotions: An exploration of our negative emotions and recognising their importance as a healing tool. Buddy work to anchor the relevance to our own lives.
  6. Attitude and Direction: How choices made in one direction become our attitude, and how this dictates the direction of our lives. We appraise our attitude and check our compass. Exercises to discover our attitude, to see how it affects our lives and creates our experience.
  7. Iceberg Model: We investigate what drives our own and others behaviours. The power of this module is in learning that our own and others actions are not random but come from within us; we have the opportunity to win back our understanding of ourselves and others.
  8. Beliefs and Patterns: A deeper look at our belief systems, how they are generated and how we can change them. A study of the cyclical nature of some problems we have that run throughout our lives. Exercising our power of choice.
  9. Ego and the Higher Mind: The concepts of ego and higher mind. Our own experiences in relation to ego and higher mind. Exercises to track a personal situation from denial, to fear and then to love.
  10. Understanding Process: An introduction of process, the connectivity of all things. In this module we demonstrate that all events are connected and also that all events have meaning and direction.

Each module is available to download as a PDF, so you have a manual of over 100 pages to keep and refer to in the future.

Your Trainer

Pam Carruthers has over 470 days training with the Psychology of Vision healing model. She started training in 1994 and graduated in 1996. She has been facilitating workshops since 2001 using its principles, and was on the Psychology of Vision International Trainers Training Programme from 2001-2010.

She has taught the Steps to Leadership Training Programme 13 times since 2003.  Pam loves webinars and is excited to teach in this innovative way.

Graduates of the Steps to Leadership Training Course in May 2016
Pam with Jeff Allen and the Graduates of the Steps to Leadership Training Course in May 2016


Joy Richardson“During 2013 I completed the e-Steps to Leadership Training Programme with Pam as my course leader.

This opened the way for me to explore my world in safety and my life has been so much richer since finishing the course.

Without Pam’s support I would never have found the Psychology of Vision model which has been inspirational in my life.
I have experienced the joy of miracles in my relationships with my husband and children. I consider Pam to have been my Angel in guiding the way.” Joy Richardson

emma dicks“If you are considering joining the Steps to Leadership Training Programme or attending any of Pam’s workshops or sessions just ’Go For It!’

I have studied psychology in the past but there is something about the Psychology of Vision model and Pam’s approach that just hits you and gets straight to the heart of the matter.

It has been very powerful for me.

Even in a few short months my energy levels are improved, my relationships are easier, work is more successful and life generally seems to be flowing in a much more positive direction for me.

I am really grateful for my experience and recommend it with all my heart to everyone – not matter how large or small issues seem to be in you life it makes such a difference.

It’s been the best investment of time and money for me.” Emma

alison davis“I have loved being part of a group where we study, get amazing coaching from Pam and share with each other. The online Training Programme is really well designed and Pam is an excellent facilitator and coach with years of experience in the Psychology of Vision model.

I have had so many unexpected insights and breakthroughs over the last 6 months that I am truly blown away by the power of this Training Programme which feels very gentle and healing too.

I love to learn and understand the theory behind the model and the course provided that theory paired with experiential exercises where we were able to apply what we had just studied to our own lives.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Training Programme. It is excellent value for money.”  Alison Davis Top-level facilitator for Woman Within International.

sharon curran“I had worked with Pam for a number of years before I decided to join the Steps to Leadership Programme. It was during this 1-1 work and subsequent workshops that I was introduced to the Psychology of Vision model.

I found it extremely helpful at that time as I had exhausted most therapies and was feeling quite stuck. With Pam’s help, I was able to see things very differently and take ownership of my life at its deepest level. When the opportunity to learn this model in more detail came up, I jumped at the chance.

As the programme is delivered online, there are no geographical constraints so you get to connect with like minded souls from around the world and share one another’s progress. This is extremely powerful and a real soul connection develops very quickly as you resonate deeply with one another’s stories.

If you’re in the healing profession or interested in personal development, I would highly recommend this course. As always, Pam is 100% committed to her students and delivers the material in very practical and down to earth ways.

You will not be disappointed.

You will come to understand yourself and life in a deeply profound way. You will take away a healing model that will quickly get you out of stuckness and back into your true power.

If there’s one thing that has the potential to transform your life – this is it!” Sharon Curran

“The Steps to Leadership was a great experience and it was lovely to be part of an amazing group.

Working sometimes with the group and at other times with a buddy is a great experience. It can be challenging at time but is always positive and supportive. Hearing someone else’s perspective or observation can so often bring a change in understanding, a realisation.

The whole experience of Steps is something special.  To hear about and witness the highs and lows experienced by the group can be a humbling experience, and so often offers personal learning.

Frequently it’s a reminder that we are not alone in our experiences.  It may be an online course but you really feel part of a group, supported and supporting each other over the sessions.   Afterwards at a time of crises in my life I continued to receive the support of the group and of Pam.

Pam is more than the Organiser, she’s highly intuitive and always sharing and supporting from her heart, whilst maintaining the sessions as a safe place to talk, exchange and share.  Thank you Pam for being the beautiful person you are.” Rosabella Jordan

“I’d just like to say thanks to you all for sharing … I love the support in the group … much better than “going solo.” Margaret

“This is a fantastic Training Programme and Pam Carruthers is a gifted and compassionate trainer.” Nadiya Day

“The Steps to Leadership Online Training Programme from my perspective as an energy healer, is an immensely insightful course. I have practised  for many years so am familiar with the terrain, but for me, the greatest component so far is the Triangle Model- the framework, which is a detailed indicator of where we are in our lives, and in each aspect of our lives.

More than that, it gives the way through any blocks in that area of our lives.

This is a wonderfully helpful tool for our own journey and for work with clients. Pam is a gifted facilitator, whose courses I have no hesitation in recommending. “ Pauline

“I felt stuck in my life. I had the best of intentions but nothing seemed to improve.  Through the Steps to Leadership Training Programme I  learned of ways to identify the patterns that kept me stuck,  to find when they started and to clear them.

People in my life tell me that I am a new person and I feel great joy in allowing more of my loving nature to shine through.

The live webinars with the supportive group and Pam’s incredible skill at helping us navigate this process, was invaluable.
Shirine Gharda, M.D. Jacksonville, Florida USA


There are 6 places in this Programme for personal attention. You’ll have a ‘buddy’ for the course. You’ll connect with with your buddy via Skype, or phone to complete the exercises.

Dates: The Course will be on Sunday mornings
11.00am-1.00pm. 3 times a month starting January 2019
Please use the Contact Form below to discuss this course with Pam.


PLUS This fee includes a personal coaching sessions of 90 mins. with Pam (worth £95). In her experience, this is essential, and really helps participants get the maximum benefit from the course.

The coaching session will focus on your astrological birth chart and setting specific goals for the Training.

PLUS 20% discount on workshops or private coaching with Pam throughout the Training Course.

PLUS Each module is available to download as a PDF, so you have a manual of over 200 pages to keep and refer to in the future.

Please contact Pam to make sure this is the right programme for you.

If this course interests you please send a message.

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