Aries Sun Sign

Aries by Johfra Bosschart
Aries by Johfra Bosschart

The Key Phrase for Aries is “I am”. It governs the number 1

Aries Sun Sign March 21st- April 19th (approx dates)

Aries as a sign is all about ‘me’, pure and simple. Aries corresponds to the head of the body and you go through life head first. You need to forge ahead, to assert yourself. However as you act on impulse you can often make mistakes and in your rush to get things done, can be accident prone.

Yours is the first sign of the zodiac. It marks the Spring Equinox where equal day and night meet. This is the turning point in the year, as we rise from the darkness of winter ready for the birth of a new cycle and the adventure of life.

The Sun is exalted in your sign and you have all the solar qualities of creativity, enthusiasm and courage. You are the pioneer of the zodiac.

Planetary Ruler and Qualities

Aries is a cardinal fire sign. As the first fire sign it ignites the flame, so Aries excels at initiation. It’s governed by Mars, the red planet and God of War. Planets represent energy and Mars is action. The Greek Ares was a 300 foot giant and rather clumsy. The Roman version was Mars, a skilled and honourable warrior.

Mars in our astrological birth charts shows us how we get our needs met, our inner and outer drive and our sexuality. Mars can be a two year old having a tantrum or a paladin – a spiritual warrior.

Aries is a romantic with chivalrous ideals. Quick to begin a relationship, you won’t stop to consider if a partner is really suitable. The male is the knight in shining armour, the female the huntress who chooses her mate. Aries is attracted by the other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius and is powerfully magnetised by Libra, their opposite. Your best friends are Gemini and Aquarians. There can be challenging, but rewarding, relationships with Capricorn and Cancer.

Constellation and Myth
Aries lies in the constellation of The Ram. This is the Greek myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece is one of the oldest stories of a hero’s quest. Jason with his Argonauts overcomes impossible challenges to recover the magical fleece and reclaim his kingdom.

Strengths and weaknesses
Aries represents new life and birth. There is fresh enthusiasm, courage, will power and the urge to do something, to take action. This is the fighting spirit of the hero archetype. Aries would dash into a burning building to save a child’s life with no thought of the risk. You act on pure instinct.

Arians are to be found at the gym or on the sports field. You love to initiate new projects, are in constant motion and always busy. You can be a workaholic and get burnt out if you don’t slow down and take care of yourself. You are direct, can be quick tempered, but you don’t bear grudges and appreciate honesty and truth. Passionate and warm-hearted, impulsive and at times naive, you act first and think later.

As an Aries you aren’t interested in completion or maintenance, and tend to ignore the instruction manuals, preferring to push all the buttons to see how it works. You can have almost no concept of time, preferring to live in the here and now.

Fighting spirit, the desire to succeed, dynamic creation and destruction

Tarot Card: The Emperor.

Colours: Scarlet, magenta, claret, carmine

Gemstones: Coral, bloodstone, jasper, malachite

Best Day of the Week: Tuesday

Anatomy and physiology: head, adrenals, the blood, muscles

Herbs, plants and trees: Hot peppers, ginger, radish, onion, garlic, horseradish, mustard, aloe, basil, broom, capers, tobacco, nettles, briars, cactus and all trees with thorns.