Scorpio Sun Sign

Scorpio by Johfra-Bosschart
Scorpio by Johfra-Bosschart

The Kay Phrase for Scorpio Sun sign is “I desire”. It governs the number 8

Scorpio October  24- November 22 (approx)

Scorpio is the healer of the zodiac. Scorpio has three symbols, the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.

Most people have heard of the sting in the Scorpio’s tail, but if evolved, the eagle gives vision, the phoenix the ability to die and rise again from the ashes. In this way Scorpio can regenerate and reinvent themselves. Scorpio is dark and mysterious and is associated with death and rebirth. It rules the sexual and excretory organs which explain the secrecy of Scorpio.

Planetary Ruler and Qualities

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. It is like the deep water of an underground cavern. It is ruled by Mars and also by Pluto. The reputation of being the sexiest sign comes from the association with Mars who was originally a God of fertility.

But there is more depth to Scorpio, so Pluto, which is on the outer reaches of the solar system farthest from the Sun, is more suited as the ruler of this sign. Pluto is God of the underworld and was the only god that had no statues built for him. He was faceless and unknown, much like Darth Vader in Star Wars.

Pluto was discovered in 1930 and plutonium was named after it, so it relates to nuclear power. In this way it can be harnessed for good or evil. Pluto also governs over volcanoes – a power that can destroy but can also produces rich fertile soil.


Scorpio is emotionally intense and has an attractive magnetic quality. The male can hypnotise with his gaze, the woman is the archetype of the seductress. Scorpio has to be in control and can be suspicious of others motives. Scorpio falls deeply in love but if hurt can nurse their wound and withdraw into their private world. Fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces are soul mates, but the strongest attraction is with their opposite sign of Taurus. Virgo is a wonderful friend for them as they are so helpful, Capricorns are well suited especially as a business partner. There are power struggles galore with fiery Leo and Aries. Aquarians can offer plenty of surprises.


In Greek mythology Scorpius is the scorpion who killed Orion. The two constellations are at the opposite sides of the sky to avoid further trouble. Scorpio is one of the two zodiac signs that cross over the Milky Way, and was thought to be where souls departed after death. Scorpius holds the bright red Antares, one of the Royal stars of Persia at it centre. The ancient Chinese referred to it as the Great Fire at the heart of the Dragon.

Another ancient tale is when Hercules killed the hydra. The hydra was a eight headed monster who lived in cave in a swamp. Hercules entered the cave to bring the monster into the light. As Hercules cut off one head many more grew. Finally he used a torch to cauterise the wound so the Hydra was killed. The moral is that Scorpio has the courage to face the monsters and taboos, and by exposing them to the light they lose their power.

Strengths and weaknesses
Scorpio are imaginative, intensely emotional and loyal and devoted friends who offer strong emotional support to others. They are there at the darkest times and nothing shocks them. They’re great listeners, have the ability to empathise and offer profound wisdom, so they are the ideal therapist or priest. They are brilliant researchers, as they love to investigate and find out how things work. Their secretive nature can make them suspicious, they can plot, scheme and manipulate and can seek revenge if crossed. Like the other fixed signs they find it hard to let go of grudges. They forgive but never forget. Their greatest weakness is inflexibility, their reluctance to change. Their strength is that once committed they are in it for the long haul.

Secretive and mysterious, emotional and intense, powerful, strong and loyal friend, inspires faith, unshockable, obsessive and vengeful, refusal to change

Tarot Card: Death

Colours: red and black

Gemstones: coral bloodstone

Best Day of the Week: Tuesday

Anatomy and physiology: reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, excretory system

Herbs, plants and trees: Aloe, geranium, holly, honeysuckle.