Venus in Leo: Initiation into a new Shamanic cycle

venus in leo
Venus in Leo connects us to the Strength card in the tarot

The Shamanic ‘overtone’ Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo and the Goddess Bast
Venus in Leo and the Goddess Bast

The cycle of Venus is associated with the Sumerian myth of Inanna, the Queen of Heaven who descends into the Underworld to visit her sister Ereskigal.

She is stripped of her power and her vestments at 7 Gates and then killed by her sister. However she is rescued and returns to her throne as Queen of Heaven. In August she disappears as she descends once more into the Underworld. Venus then joins the Sun, and is reborn as the Morning Star.

When Venus reappears as a Morning Star it’s called ‘the heliacal rise’ and it occurs in just 5 signs of the zodiac in a lifetime.

They are Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Capricorn and Leo/Virgo.

Which one is yours? Find out on the webinar!

We are currently in the cycle of Capricorn which began in January 2014. In August we start a whole new shamanic ‘overtone’ of Venus in Leo.

Venus Retrograde in Leo- Rebirth of the Goddess

In numerology we are in the year of The Goddess as 2015 adds up to 8. In the tarot this is Strength, the Goddess taming the Lion.

On 6th June Venus moved into Leo. Apart from 2 weeks in Virgo, Venus stays in Leo until 8th October. On 15th August Venus retrograde joins the Sun.

On this webinar learn what this long stay in Leo means:

  • angel-trumpetA time to blow your own trumpet and shine!
  • Archetype of Leo and the Sun in your chart-what houses are being activated?
  • Leo the Sun God Apollo and Creativity
  • The meaning of the Major Arcana tarot card Strength
  • The Tree of Life and the chakras
  • The 8 year Shamanic Cycle and your Overtone
  • Guided mediation and affirmation for Strength

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