Webinar on the Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio April & May 2013

Clearing Karma: Time for Change – Time for Letting Go

lunar eclipse
At a lunar eclipse the Moon appears to be red

Webinar on April 22nd 2013 at 8pm BST.

In late April and May there are 2 eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio, making this an intense time as eclipses always bring radical shifts and change in the world.

Timed just before the first partial lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25th, this is an invitation to participate in a webinar that focuses on on this powerful time of change.

The North Node represents the future, a destination. The South Node is the past.

The North Node is now travelling through Scorpio, the South Node is in Taurus.

There is a deep need for transformation and letting go of the past .

There is a compelling need to loosen the grip we have on the things and people around us, and open ourselves up to our soul’s need for transformation, change, and regeneration.

However letting go is not easily done by ourselves. The South Node of the Moon has a strong pull to maintain the status quo, especially now its in the sign of Taurus, renowned for being stubborn.

The effect of a lunar eclipse lasts up to six weeks in our consciousness. It will occur at  5 degrees of Scorpio.

The Solar Eclipse on May 10th is at 19 degrees Taurus and the effect lasts for 6 months.

The final appulse lunar eclipse on May 25th is much weaker and occurs at  4 degrees of Sagittarius.


According to renowned astrologer Stephanie Austin:-

“The eclipse realigns the earth’s electromagnetic field and our own individual energy field. Eclipses function to delete old programmes and upload new templates. They mark the ending of a 19 year cycle and the beginning of a new direction.”

Eclipses stimulate the pineal gland, the ‘seat of our soul’ and the Third Eye. This is our inner vision and creativity. They facilitate awakening and awakening of our soul’s blueprint.”

dragon north nodeExcerpt from the Vocation Report by Brian Clark:-

“In the Hindu tradition the Nodal axis is symbolised by a dragon. The North Node is the dragon’s head; the South Node is the dragon’s tail. This archetypal image is an aspect of many culture’s myths. In western mythologies it is the hero who comes across the dragon at some point in their journey and must battle this monster to gain the sacred treasure.

This encounter is a psychological story depicting our battle against the forces that keep us from following our own path. Astrologically, it is along the nodal axis where we encounter this dragon and experience the incentive to confront our own destiny.

In considering this axis we can envisage the North Node or Dragon’s Head as the calling to be heroic, to develop an identity in the world, or in other words, to follow our vocation. The North Node points to what can be developed through valuing and cultivating innate faculties.

The South Node, known as the Dragon’s Tail, is the container of talents, skills and aptitudes gleaned from the past, lying untapped and undifferentiated. Without recognition or consciousness they remain stagnant, unable to be directed advantageously.

Hence a heroic act needs to dislodge and distribute this energy so it can be of service. In circulating this energy the potentiality of the North Node is heightened. Each time this energy is liberated, destiny is petitioned and vocation is more conscious; therefore the South Node is a vital key to unlocking the treasure chest of vocational talent.”

On this fully illustrated webinar you will discover:

  • Your Destiny -The Lunar Nodes in your birth chart and the elements
  • What lunar and solar eclipses mean
  • Analysis of the 3 eclipses and the planets involved- how will this affect you?
  • The Vedic view: The lunar mansions involved – the spiritual dimension
  • How to integrate the polarities, a healing exercise that you can use in your everyday life

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Book now. This webinar includes a personal astrology report on Vocation and Soul Purpose to understand the lunar nodes in your birth chart. Both for £15.

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